Shalsheles: Is The Chain About To Break?

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shalshelesThey took the music world by storm with their debut album in 1999 and we’ve been in love with them ever since. Their unique style and trademark harmonies have made them a household name. But with Simcha Sussman’s upcoming move to Eretz Yisroel, is Shalsheles a thing of the past?

And it’s not just the future of Shalsheles that appears to be at risk. While Yitzchok Rosenthal composes the songs, Simcha Sussman is the one who manages the ever popular Shalsheles Jr. While it appears that they have been having difficulty replacing their original four boys, we’ve all been holding out hope that a new crop of boys would have the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the original four. Is that crowd pleasing group also finished?

Certainly hope not. Both Shalsheles and Shalsheles Jr. are too enjoyable to be gone forever.

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  1. simcha says:

    Shalsheles jr may have an issue but the fact that he is moving to israel nowadays means nothing. Aside from the fact that almost every jewish cd was completely or partially recorded in israel. One of them can come to the US or they will all be in israel!

  2. riffy says:

    I don’t get why there is so much hock on this site. This is almost lashon hora

  3. yaakov says:

    They have come up with 4 new kids for shalsheles jr, and have actually begun recording for there next album already. .sussman is no longer leading them and has been replaced by someone else,part of the shalsheles family,not one of the four. . as far as the sr’s being done , they arent jus taking it easy for now. . .

  4. Kol Isha says:

    Really, now? I’d love to hear where you get your information from. It goes contrary to EVERYTHING I have heard from reliable sources.

  5. Kol Isha says:

    Ok, which part of Simcha Sussman moving to Eretz Yisroel is lashon hara?

  6. Michel says:

    “TheCoolJew recived word tonight that Avrham Fried’s new Chabad Album will IM”H be in stores before shavous. All songs have been copying and distribution. Look for it in stores some time this week! Also we Just recived word the Shalsheles Junior is working on a second album which will include an all new voice, 12-year-old Dovid Dachs, the son of Shlomie Dachs. We have not yet recived a release date for this.”

    Seen here: TheCoolJew

  7. simcha says:

    It might not be lashon horah but this is definitly getting that tinge of ‘tabloidness’. I rest my case!

  8. Kol Isha says:

    Excuse me!! I go out of my way to check and double check everything I write for lashon hara. (Ask Admin. I make him nuts.)

    A well member of a much loved music group is moving 6,000 miles away. Clearly it puts the future of that group in jeopardy. And when that individual is also responsible for ANOTHER music group, that puts the second group’s future in jeopardy, too.

    People LOVE Shalsheles. If this means the end of Shalsheles, it would be VERY disappointing.

    No one is speculating on why Simcha Sussman is leaving or anything like that. It’s his business, not ours. This is news, plain and simple.

    You call that “tabloidness”? How is it any different than reporting that an album is about to be released? Or that an artist is collecting music for an upcoming album?

  9. yakov says:

    um. . .lets just say i have alot of connection to the group, um family connection . . dovid dachs and avrumie schwebel both sons of singers are part of the shalsheles jr group

  10. Kol Isha says:

    So, nu, let’s hear. Who IS heading up Shalsheles Jr. these days? And who are the other two boys?

  11. Moshe says:

    Baruch hashem that another yid is moving to Eretz Yisroel. The whole am yisroel should move back with him and the rest of the shalsheles band. There should be not even one sad feeling becuase of this news, but only happiness for him and his family for returning to the presence of Hashem’s shchina.

  12. CC says:

    While I agree living in Israel is very important, last time I checked the schina was everywhere around us, and g-dliness exists in everything and everywhere.

  13. Elie says:

    Does anyone know if Shalsheles is looking for someone to replace Simcha Sussman?

  14. Kol Isha says:

    Hang in there…an updated Shalsheles post is coming.

    But the short answer to your question is a resounding NO.

  15. yaakov says:

    i told u they have somebody that has ALREADY replaced him and that the recording fot the new album has already begun , idk what the big thing is.. when the name is made public people will know of this person from the jm scene , as he himself was a big soloist back in the day

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