Mazel Tov to Mr. and Mrs. Benny Friedman

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Mazel Tov to Benny Friedman, whose wedding took place in Crown Heights this past Thursday night. The lead singer was a relative, Eli Marcus of 8th day. Avraham Fried, Yitzy Spinner and Dovid Stein all sang. Avi Newmark, Sruly Meyer and Yitzy Waldner were just a few of the well known faces in the music world who were spotted at the simcha.

Benny is due to release his debut album in the summer. You can view some videos of Benny across YouTube or become a fan of his on Facebook.

Chosson & Kallah with Uncle Avraham under the chuppah


Avraham Fried and Eli Marcus Singing


Avraham Fried and Yitzy Spinner


Avi Newmark, Yitzy Spinner & Gershy Moskowitz


Sruly Meyer, Avi Newmark &Yitzy Spinner


Chaim Marcus Dancing

(Picture via COLLive and Shlager)


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  1. riffy says:

    i keep seeing this meyer is a graphics guy not a music guy he must post this himself

  2. JM Derech says:

    True, Sruly Meyer is in the graphics business. However, his work mostly branches over to the Jewish Music Industry. In regards to buying the album, many times the album art is the deal breaker for the consumer. Therefore, Sruly is a key player in the success of an album. He deserves just as much credit as everyone else who was involved in the making of the album.

  3. Sruly says:

    Thanks JM for the defense, let me just say something.

    I really wonder why it would compel a person to take time out of thier day just to single out one person who THEY don’t think is deserved of some public credit or mention.

    I am just as involved in some peoples projects as anyone else who does get a public credit. The composer, arranger, musician, producer, engineer, mixer, they all contribute creatively to a project, but in the end, that is only an audio contribution, it helps shape the CD, of course, yes, but the cd album art and marketing campaign is the ONLY VISUAL representation of a project that sometimes takes years to create.

    In the secular entertainment world who creates these visual representations of your work is a field that does get plenty of public credit. The fashion designers, set designers, special effects companies for movies, who does the photo shoot for the album or magazine spreads, all these people are known by name and just as much a part of the conversation.

    I contribute many months of work and time for each project, and I just think its interesting that this would irk you to the point of publicly asking why my name would be mentioned in an article. Especially in an article about Benny Friedman, A project I have been working on since before there was a Day 1. I have been working with Avi and Benny on this CD in every aspect.

  4. Yehuda says:

    The napkins have no part in the music industry. Please remove them from this post. I’m sure Sruly has enough Photoshop skill to have them taken out and replaced with an instrument of sorts. Those napkins are an affront to my musical fan-hood, and until they are removed they are just a diabolical waste of space on the internets.

  5. Yitzy Spinner says:

    Yehuda – The napkins were strategically placed for that pic. Thanks for acknowledging our efforts!

  6. Guy Who Doesn't Want to Overuse His Name says:

    Yitzy, I knew someone would be upset about the napkins, I told you to move them. ;-)

  7. Kol Isha says:

    Larry: I have no idea who you are or why you feel the need to keep posting negative comments about a particular individual. If you have issues with anyone, be a man and take it up with him directly.

    You can feel free to keep submitting vicious personal attacks. I will feel free to keep deleting them.

  8. Mazal Tov Benny! I had no idea this was happening..I’m really out of the loop. Who was the band? I guess they weren’t important enough for a mention huh? If I didn’t know any better it almost looks like tzvi rada on keys but I can’t see the face ! I wouldn’t know it but based on the name on the side of one of speakers avie cohen was playing drums…

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