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Not long ago, ABD’s debut album took the Jewish world by storm. Seeming to sprout out of thin air, the group surprised us all with an album that was inspired, innovative and  refreshingly relaxed. In addition, many of us were intrigued by  the values they displayed in the donating of all proceeds from their album to Yeshivas Nefesh Dovid, an amazing organization struggling to keep their doors open as the only Yeshiva in he world for deaf and hard of hearing children. Who is ABD? Where did they come from and what makes them tick? Join JMR’s Mendel “the Sheichet” in getting to know the talented trio up close and personal. Please also take a moment to visit Yeshivas Nefesh Dovid to discover the amazing work they do at and/or see the video below.

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  1. davnin says:

    Nice to see musicians that seem like nice people too. The song that’s playing throughout the interview is also really nice. Is that Baruch Levine’s song?

  2. Shlomo says:

    Agreed. They do seem like nice guys…not “superstars”.
    And nope, that’s not Baruch Levine’s song; his song is B’sheim. Abie Rottenberg wrote Im Eshkochaich. The song playing on the interview is Oleinu, the all accappella version that was a free download on this site. Eli Woznica wrote it. It’s arranged by Eli Woznica and Yehuda Kopstick, and Yoni Stern is the child soloist on that song.
    Go buy the CD! The proceeds go to a deaf yeshiva.

  3. tuvia says:

    Shlomo, can you or somebody else tell me more about Eli Woznica. He appears to be new to the jewish music scene , but was obviously very involved in many facets of the CD .His music is very different than the norm and that’s very refreshing

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