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Up and Coming Singers: Eli Marcus

Up and Coming Singers: Eli Marcus

General, News — By on July 3, 2009 11:01 am

We here at JMR love talking about Jewish Music, we love talking about Jewish Music singers also! These days there is so much amazing talent out there, it could be hard to navigate through the crowded field. We will now be starting a series of short profiles of upcoming singers. We’re not talking about the known singers with debut albums “coming soon”, we’re talking about the guys you probably haven’t even heard of yet.


Our first look is at Eli Marcus. Eli is from Los Angeles, California, This guy has really started to make some waves. Eli is one of the talented Marcus Brothers (of 8th Day fame) and has been working hard on the wedding scene. (Including singing with his Uncle Avraham Fried at Benny Friedman’s recent wedding.)

Eli’s got a great voice, I’ve heard him live a couple times and I look forward to watching his career grow and maybe even one day have a CD. There aren’t any plans as of yet for a CD but Eli is already going to be on one anticipated upcoming release.

Eli did some background choir work for at least two songs on the long awaited Benny Friedman CD. Here is a picture of Benny and Eli in the studio.


Here is a picture of Eli singing with Benny Friedman and Bentzy Marcus at a recent wedding in Crown Heights.


Here are some videos.

Eli, we at the Jewish Music Report wish you luck and look forward to hearing more!


Facebook comments:


  1. Yehuda says:

    videos do not do justice!

    He’s great.

  2. Moishy Penner says:

    Wow. This kid is really something. I like his interpetation of Lipa’s binyon adei ad. Very musical. I would be surprised if he played an instrument.

    Thanks for the heads up.


  3. Dovid HaLevy says:

    It should also be noted that Eli is from the singers that is also an actual musician — plays piano and flute — and he is a composer. He is, by the way, the composer of some of the great harmonies on 8th Day.
    Looking forward to watching his career take off with wild colors.

  4. Yenta says:

    Eli plays drums quite effectively.

  5. david stern says:

    What a guy! He is like Lipa with Fried’s class and 8th day energy. How about a album????

  6. Arnold Jacobs says:

    never heard of 8th day, but after hearing this kid, I will!
    Just when you think you’ve heard one you’ve heard em all, along comes an Eli Marcus and Sparks your Jewish Music interest.

    keep us posted on this kid & his career please.

  7. Brad Wallace says:

    Eli Marcus sang at my wedding, along with Bentzy Marcus from 8th Day, and tore the roof off the building!!! These guys are amazing musicians and better human beings. I would urge everyone to check them out any chance you get. Keep rocking Eli, Hashem should bless you and your family with great success and happiness in all you do. Peace.

  8. Know Eli Personally says:

    Knowing Eli personally I have to let you all know besides him being a very talented musician (Drums, flute and piano) and of course his energetic wonderful voice. Eli is a terrific person just a good guy.

    From the best you can get to know. so if you need someone to sing at your wedding or bar mitzvah, you will be dealing with a Mentch par-excellence!

    Go Eli!

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