HASC 23 Lineup Announced!!

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  1. Sara says:

    The Fried/Lipa team seems to be the big concert winner this year.

  2. josh says:

    Is Lipa singing at mixed-seating concerts these days? I thought he only sings at seperate-seating concerts?!

  3. simcha says:

    I think its time for something new and/or original…

  4. hascconcert says:

    wow- thats something that hasn’t been done

  5. Yankel says:

    yeah – whats with lipa @ separarte seating???

  6. meiven says:

    If I may say my opinion, few month ago we had a talk on this site about ideas for HASC, every idea was stronger than that what they actually announced, I don’t see any major thing in a Fried Lipa concert, ( of course it will be nice ) but it’s too simple, nothing major, it doesn’t look that it was put much thinking into that, what about Jerusalem the experience, that was a concert, I think we deserve another idea like this, or a family idea, Shweeky brothers, Werdyger family, Avram Fried and Benny, etc. it’s too simple
    also I think people are getting bored from Fried, ( not that I don’t like him, I love him) but it’s almost every year, it’s too much, I think it’s a time for a MBD comeback

  7. Yankel says:

    the link to HascConcert.com on the page is wrong

  8. Kol Isha says:

    Shkoyach Yankel for letting us know. It’s been fixed.

  9. jm fan says:

    I can’t understand it. Avraham Fried hasn’t released an original studio album in 5 years! and he’s headlined 3 HASC concerts since then. On the other hand you have Shwekey, and MBD (although he probably woudn’t go anyway) with brand new hit albums. And last years concert, feat. Shwekey, sold out!
    Mind boggling.

  10. murray reich says:

    i went to the ohel concert last week monday and i couldnt believe that lipa was actually singing in front of a mixed crowd!
    i wonder if he changed his minhag?

  11. Hislahavus says:

    JM Fan, that’s because Avraham Fried is GOOD. You don’t make a concert of that size without a major performer. And in Jewish music today, who is there who can put the kind of emotion and power into a performance like Avremel? It has nothing to do with his album output.

  12. Hypo says:

    Avraham Fried is the Best thats why…

  13. meiven says:

    he can be good but its still too simple, please give a look at hasc 1 – 17 all the concerts then was much more meening full,

  14. Hypo says:

    meiven – you are right but I think Avraham Fired the only one who can make the crowd crazy:)) Hes voice hes talent TOP NOTCH

  15. music lover says:

    Fried is an AMAZING talent. He sings so beautifully. HIs singing style talent match is only YEEDLE. I think most people are right fried was great now we need change not just to add lipa (who is also so talented but enough already same same same style plus what in heaven’s name happened with separate seating – new rabbi??????? WEIRD). MBD is the Way to go. I mean we have to get the most we can out of the KING and if sep seating is what he needs WHO CARES – just go for it. What a waste of people’s time and money if you don’t give them the top

  16. Hypo says:

    Lot of new singer BUT nobody can give you a yiddishe feeling. AF can, he is a real CHOSID. And here in eastern europe ( hungary) he gave us HOPE, Strenght. I know lot of Baal Tsuva who started to explore judaism becasue Hes music.

    ChaZak Avremel!!

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