Song of the Week Winner: Benny Friedman – Letova

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After a great first week, the winner of this week’s SONG OF THE WEEK, is Benny Friedman! Benny won for his song Letova, with 54 votes. Second place went to Yaakov Shwekey for Areivim, with 34 votes.

Click here and scroll to see the full results. Be sure to vote in our weekend poll and then Monday we will start week 2 of Song Of the Week!

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  1. Anonymous says:

    Yeah of course Benny won,every second thing on this site is about him
    why dont you call it BENNYSMUSICREPORT.COM??

  2. admin says:

    Only reason I let this comment though was for the comic value.

    When we first started this website Kol Noar had just come out and people said the same thing about us about Kol Noar. Then it was when he Lipa CD came out, then it was about the Berry Webber CD, then it was Kessin, not it’s Benny.

    It’s called covering a new release in depth and giving each new album and dvd and concert the fullest coverage we can provide.

  3. JM Derech says:

    Benny probably won because he put out an amazing debut album. There’s no denying his raw talent.

  4. wonderin says:

    what im wondering is why is shua kessin two weeks in a row and how is he beating MBD???

  5. admin says:

    To IP address: – Just because you use different fake email addresses and fake names doesn’t mean we can’t tell it’s coming from the same person.

    To anyone else, all votes are strictly controlled by single IP allowances. That means you are only allowed one vote per network connection. This is controlled by the 3rd party word press poll software.

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