Photos of HASC 23 by JMR’s ShmuliPhoto

Concerts, General, News — By on January 11, 2010 2:28 pm

JMR’s ShmuliPhoto was by HASC 23 last night and took a beautiful gallery of photos of the event. Here is just a small sampling of the photos. We will have a full gallery up shortly.

Production photos from HASC 23-Concert Designed by Bernie Dove

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  1. baba says:

    Can we have a report with the songs, order of singers, surprise guests ect…?

  2. dml says:

    could we have some clips of the magnificent concert from last night?

  3. hello says:

    which location is this? doesn’t look like its got a lot of sitting room. looks beautiful though!!!!!!!!

  4. mo says:

    lipa rokkkkkkkkkks

  5. ShmuliPhoto says:

    to Hello,
    The concert was in Lincoln Center – Avery Fisher Hall, it has a Capacity of 2,738 people, and it was full.

  6. Yankel says:

    um…………. concert review please?

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