Yossi Green Composers Workshop

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Thursday, January 7th, Yossi Green held his 2nd “Composers Workshop”, at his home in Seagate, NY. This is the second in a new series of private workshops held by Yossi. Composers were invited to come and bring new material in the middle of the composition process. Yossi and the entire group listened to, critiqued and helped each composer further along in these songs.

Among the talent in attendance was

Motti Illowitz (Yener, Lipa),
Shaluli Grossman (A Poshiter Yid, Lipa),
Eilmelech Blumstein (Misod, Benny Friedman, Don Don, Dovid Gabay),
David Kaufman (Beilokim, Weber, Bye Bye Bye, Kessin),
Tuly Weill (Yehi Rutzoin, Weber),
Chaim Ela Hartman (Yossi Mayer, V’chol Hachayim, Rubenstein),
Beri Shapiro (Der Sheech, Michoel Schnitzler),
Joel Poltsack (Nu Nu Nu/Shloime Dachs, Hashem Echod) and new composer Joel Lowy.

Also in attendance was Chabad composer Feitel Levin (Rosh Chodesh Kislev Niggun)

If you are a producer or singer who is interested in contacting any of these composers please contact Natuly Weill at naftulyweill@gmail.com or Sruly Meyer at sruly.meyer@gmail.com

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  1. Yoely says:

    Beautiful Photos. Yossi is peace of Music.

    Extra Thanks for the Ivelt.con Group and Tulli Weill who arranged the first Work Shop on the summer of 2009 and make this fact happen.

  2. Chaim says:

    Beri Your the Best! Im so proud of you!!!!!!!!

  3. hello says:

    shauli, ur kinda sleeping i most photos or ur simply not in them, love u though (yeah we’ve been thru the ‘love u’ thing b4)

  4. leiby says:

    Hey tuly keep it up ! !

  5. yopy says:

    Always knew that you rock! BERRY listen to my prediction in a few years you will be from the top composers in this universe! Good luck

  6. mayer says:

    Wow you guys are amazing Jewish music needs you all ‘Naftuly’ ‘Beri’ ‘David’ i told you your gonna be wold famous one day just keep it comin !!!!!!!

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