Coming Soon: Shades of Green II

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Yossi Green is at it again with Shades of Green II! The album will probably not be out till after the summer as he just started on it now. Thanks to Twitter this is what we know so far.

This past Monday, (April 12), was the first production day of Shades of Green II, a project with 14 tracks consisting of 27 songs, B”H.

Of these, 13 of the tracks are Double-Tracks (two songs each) and one is a single. Monday, rhythm was recorded for 10 of the double tracks.

Of the remaining 3 double tracks and one single track, 2 are being produced through programming and one is A Capella.

The lone single track is an English lyrics song called “Always On Call” being produced in the avant-garde (click here for a definition of the word) style found on “The 8th Note” CD.

Thursday, the brass and wind instruments were recorded while the guitar overdubs began simultaneously and earnestly in Israel.

Strings are to be recorded on the coming Wednesday, IY”H. Then begins the serious vocal recording work.

We’ll keep you posted as we know more or you can always follow Yossi Green on Twitter here.

This is just an image (not the actual cover).

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  1. meiven says:

    Is it new or old songs?

  2. Not sure but most probably it will be new songs like the first Shades of Green

  3. sim says:

    The first shades of green were all older songs? No?

  4. SteveW says:

    According to the chevra at Heichal Hanegina ( the following is the track list from the album:

    Shades of Chant – Tanya, Aderaba
    Shades of Acapella – Min Hameitzar-Shlomo Simcha, Ki Chilatzta-Listig & Leibedig
    Shades of Dance – Echod-Wald, Yishoma-Gertner
    Shades of Blues – Ani Maamin-Wald, Poseach-Williger
    Shades of Hip Hop – Yedid, Yogati-Young
    Shades of Debka – Baishanim, Al Chomotayich-Shwekey
    Shades of Soul – V’eirastich, Hagomel
    Shades of Rock – Kol Hamesameach-Wald, Im Ein Ani Li-Shlomo Simcha
    Shades of Latin – Ki Hatov-Shwekey, Gedolah Shira-Ohad
    Shades of Motown – Hu Yiftach-MBD, Miracles (Happy Days)
    Shades of Broadway – Keil Adon-Dov Levine, Welcome-HASC
    Shades of Yiddish – Gelt, Lipa’s Diet
    Shades of Baroque-Classical – Chessed-Dedi, Tzom’oh-Yeedle
    Men of Hatzola-Bonus

  5. Michel says:

    Ok, you got me i am not really a Yossi Green fan. I only heard the CD once or twice.

  6. Alex says:

    For SOG here are two more tracks:
    Shades of Accapella -Min Hameitzar,Ki Chilatztoh
    If you follow @yossigreen on twitter you get all this great info!!

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