Yehuda Katz of Reva L’Sheva Back With New Single!

General, Music, Singles — By on December 1, 2010 8:14 am

Yehuda Katz (of Reva Lesheva) has finally returned from a long 5 year absence with an all new single, titled, Hodu. Yehuda is currently finishing up a brand new album. In the meantime, enjoy this new single, Hodu.


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  1. Seth H Schreiber says:

    Koo Hacavod!!
    I am in Israel for a day and just read your article in the Jerusalem Post
    make it happen!! You deserve only the best!
    hope all is well
    warmest regards

  2. Nick Hallandale says:

    Are you Ben Masada of TOL?

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