Breaking JM News: Lipa Working on New Wedding CD

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Rumors have been picking up regarding details but sources are confirming that Lipa Schmeltzer is hard at work finishing a new wedding CD. We don’t know much more than that, and while we await more news, people close to the situation are telling us that it’s going to be the best one yet! We’re being told that with some new ideas, and many different people involved it’s going to be big! We hope to have the what, where and when very soon! Stay tuned to JMR for all the latest on this new project.

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  1. yoli says:

    Wow see? That is the CD I like from lipa, I have been always waiting for this style CD from lipa,

  2. Elie says:

    Why?! The JM world is SATURATED with wedding albums; all of which are tedious, at best, and none of which have much creativity at all. But not only that, Lipa has Non-Stop Lipa – which is essentially a wedding album – already!

    I love Lipa, but I’m not excited about the idea.

  3. Sara says:

    I don’t think you can have too many wedding albums. I really enjoy Non-Stop Lipa so I am excited to see what he comes out with this time!

  4. lipa says:

    are the lipa rumors true ??

  5. musicbochur says:

    And he has ProjectX…and ProjectX2…but so what a good album is a good album, who’s complaining?! Nobody’s makin you buy it if you don’t wanna :)

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