10 Awesome JM Albums You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

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As we get ready for the next “exodus” back in to music, we thought it might be interesting to share with our readers some Jewish Music gems that seem to have fallen through the cracks or they never made it over from the last generation. Feel free to share your thoughts and comments.

  1. The Other Side – Arkady
  2. Bittersweet – Safam
  3. Hasneh Boer – Aaron Razel
  4. Wisdom of the Stream/Chochmat Hanachal – Levyatan
  5. Adir Hu – Belz
  6. Teva Vol. 1 – Moshe Antelis
  7. The Movement – A Groyse Metzieh
  8. Pionero – Yehuda Glantz
  9. Songs for a Brother – Isaac Bitton
  10. Chasing Prophecy – 8th Day (Jk)

*All of the above albums can be purchased from www.mostlymusic.com, excluding Levyatan (iTunes) and A Groyse Metzieh (good luck trying to find it).

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  1. OutOfTowner says:

    The Other Side – Arkady Kaufman is an amazing album I used to listen to it all the time when I was in Yeshiva. A friend of mine bought it, didn’t like it and sold it to me for 1/2 price. I have met Arkady many times, and he is a very interesting and sweet person.

  2. Hislahavus says:

    Very good list – but which Groyse Metsieh is that?! I thought they only have two albums – Groyse Metsie, and Tenuah Leshichrur… Brilliant musicians!

    I’ll toss on another: Mostly Horas vol. 1. (Vol. 2 is a tragedy – not the same people, not the same ideas, not the same sound.)

  3. Hislahavus says:

    Duh – I just realized that your “The Movement” IS Tenuah Leshichrur Hameyutar. Go to their website – http://www.groyse.com or on facebook to get a copy of that PHENOMENAL album.

  4. avrami says:

    I think that Chasing Prophecy – 8th day is being reconized you rated it too fast you still need to give it a chance more time?????
    BTW an album came to mind Neginasi from Yosef Chaim Bloch its a outstanding album and it didnt really make it anywhere i think everybody should listen to it and will see the greatness from that album.

  5. WHYME says:

    And if we rewind the timeline a bit theres Yeshiva Brass (with apologies to herb alpert) Clei Zemer (Gave us Abie Rottenbergs debut with Ki Lecho and some smokin arrangements by present day klezmer legend Pete Sokolow,”Negina presents” songs by Itzy Weinberger (Sholom Aleichem and Shma Yisroel– 2 vastly unappreciated cuts),The Kochavim, Anything By Stanley Miller (yes THE Dr. Miller) Simchatone “Achdus”, Nitzchiyus (Rav Shmuel Brazils prelude to Regesh), Gershon Verobas debut album “man to man” Kesher (vols 1&2 for sure, vol 3???) while none of these have the cachet of D’veykus or Shlomo’s 60s and 70’s stuff (arguably his best and most prolific eras) they’re in my humble opinion worth a listen or 3. Another quasi-oddity of that era was josh goldbergs follow up to the massively massive Or Chodosh…the one that gave us Shmelkies Nigun, Bilvavi, Oh the world, Aleh Yidden and most important hope for the genre known as “Jewish music”. Anyway so after that project, Josh Goldberg and the Oh Chodosh went their own way…Ohr Chodosh to the Knit yarmulke album (Shatnez free–and a perfect compliment to London School volume 2 with the REAL “tcheyles” tzitztis hanging down from it) while Josh got custody of Chaim/Howie Shertzer of Bilvavi fame. The result? An album that gave us Vshuv Itchem with a rousing accordian solo and the realization that you can’t top bilvavi…oh well…it could’ve been worse…MBD couldve figured he’d never top his debut album (the one that opens the title cut “Yosis” with a trippy organ solo)and become a travel agent…later all

  6. JMMaven says:

    I’m in agreement with Avrami on Neginasi – it was a great album with some amazing songs that didn’t stay around long enough…

  7. JT says:

    Does anyone have a copy of this apparently awesome album Yeshiva Brass in digital format?

  8. Jake Antelis says:

    Nice to see Teva up there! lots of great musicians on that album. Hopefully i can convince my dad to record another album soon …this time with me recording and mixing it. J-

  9. Hedy Weiss says:

    Desperately seeking guitar chords to “Keeping Watch” from Simchatone Vol. II.

    Please respond ONLY to


    Thank you in advance for any info.

  10. SYDeals says:

    loved The Other Side – Arkady is amazing !!! loved him since I first saw him about 20 years ago play in satmar on succot simcha beit hashoeva ( in his pj’s lol)

    where is he ? We need another cd from him ….such talent
    you can see him here:



    really loved teva vol 1 when it came out on tape…..but I cant find it anywhere now to listen ….any suggestions ?

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