10 Slow JM Songs that Double as Lullabies.

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by Sruly Meyer

I’m writing this as my new son is about 7 weeks old. Baruch Hashem he’s cute as a button, but he needs a little assistance journeying off to sleep. Each time the challenge arises I turn to the vast library of Jewish Music to either do the job for me, or hope my son can stand the voice of the guy who designs the cd as opposed to the guy singing on it.

I know how much JMR loves its list based posts, so I composed a little collection of slow songs from Jewish Music that also double as songs that will put your children to bed. These are not my top ten, or ten best, simply ten songs that I’ve been using.

Avraham Fried – Yisimcha – Bracha Vhatzlacha
Avremel loves his aidel, soft compositions, this is always the first on my list…

8th Day – Rain/Yivarechecha – Tracht Gut
Didnt want to put two Yivarechechas on this list, but I couldn’t resist …

Dov Levine – Yisroel – Kumzitz Classics
One of my first favorite songs …

Dedi – Chessed – Omnom
Something about Dedi’s voice and this song that is so comforting.

Mordechai Ben David – Shema B’ni – Moshiach
Ffitting words AND a sweet child soloist.

Chabad – Nigun Shamil
Not only a beautiful Nigun but a story to go with it. (wikipedia) (track 4)

Avraham Fried – Forever One – Forever One
The words are great but its the melody that soothes here.

Benny Friedman – Kadyasvun – Taamu
… especially the end. I was singing this to my daughter way before the album came out, just off the demo.

Chabad – Tzama L’Cha (Slow)
Fried’s rendition from hupp is one of the best. But this is the original (track1).

Tzlil V’zemer Boys Choir – Shomer YisroelVol 6.
You weren’t ready for that curve ball, eh? Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a crazy Tzlil V’Zemer Boys Choir fan – so at least one song had to be on this list.

Bonus Time:

Dedi – Menachem – V’ohavto – My sons name, so I use it, but it doesn’t fit enough for the above list.
Fried – Ai Lai Lu Lu – Yiddish Gems 2 – Technically it IS a lullabie so doesn’t fit criteria for this list either.

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  1. Hislahavus says:

    1. Correction: Shamil is not the Rebbe Maharash’s nigun.
    2. For my kids, I’ve used Nigunei Hisvaadus, the collection of nigunim sung by the Lubavitcher Rebbe himself with the Chassidim at farbrengens in 770. The bad quality holds an advantage – it creates a white noise that is good for getting babies to sleep. Instruments can be a bit more distracting.

  2. Daniel G says:

    You forgot Hamalach by Vhavienu.

  3. avrami says:

    Hey Sruly I love this!!!!! I have one for you
    Lipa Schmeltzer has a song on his first album (Shema) the song is called “Mein Shefele” its a perfect song it starts of with the sound of someones setting the toy for the baby by his crib and its a famous song, check it out!!!!
    Let Me know

  4. thekrin says:

    Yisimcha is on Brocha Vhatzlocha and not chazak

  5. TRUE Confessions says:

    This list is a great idea!

    We sing 2 songs as standard night time songs to our kids:

    1. Hamalach Dveykus – a classic!
    2. Mimini – Avrumi Flam. This song is an unbelievable night time song!

  6. Shaul says:

    I’ve often used Carlebach stories, they usually put my babies to sleep in minutes!

  7. Tamar Rudy says:

    You should try out my lullaby cd, Lyla-Byes! Check out the JMR review!!

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