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Lyla Byes: For Women and Children Only

Lyla Byes: For Women and Children Only

CDs, Children's, Female Vocalists, General, Music, Reviews — By on July 11, 2011 8:13 am


It seems ironic that JMR ran a post on best Jewish songs that double as lullabies at the same time that I was asked to review an album titled “Lyla Byes”, a bedtime CD for mothers and children by Tamar Rudy.  Featuring fifteen original and classic lullabies in addition to six bonus instrumental tracks, Lyla Byes clocks in at 54 ½ minutes, offering soothing music designed to make bedtime just a little bit easier.


Rudy, a Beit Shemesh resident has starred in several of Israel’s renowned Zir Chemed Productions, as well as being a featured guest on Rebbetzin Tap:  Get Ready for Shabbos.  Her vocals shine on Lyla Byes and the songs, a mix of Jewish, secular, classical and original songs can be enjoyed by both those who are being tucked into bed and those who are doing the tucking.


My favorites on this album?  Mimini Michael and the classical pieces.  And while I enjoyed the vocals on Lyla Byes, I thought that the instrumental pieces were especially relaxing and hopefully, conducive to sleeping.


What parent out there hasn’t been at wits end trying to get a stubborn little one to drift off to dreamland?  Lyla Byes might just be the answer to your prayers.  Check it out at mostlymusic.com.



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  1. Gittel Kagan says:

    The CD is wonderful! I loved it so much I bought it for all my friends! Mrs Rudy has a beautiful voice and evenn I love listening to her sing. I heard rumors she is coming out w/a second CD–looking forward!

  2. chana weissman says:

    Bedtime in our house runs so much more smoothly when we play Tamar’s cd. The kids are calmer and more relaxed, which helps them fall asleep much faster!!!!
    If the rumor is true, we can’t wait.

  3. Jenny Hollander says:

    The best CD for kids! I give it to all my friends as a present when they have babies. The kids are singing the songs all day long! LOVE IT

  4. Tamar’s voice is soothing and dreamy. The songs are beautiful and moving. The high quality production is evident in every piece. Excellent from start to finish!

  5. Miriam D says:

    My kids also totally love listening to “Mrs. Rudy.” The songs are so… well, really smooth! They are fun and sweet and touching (I cry at the shabbos lullaby every single time!) and very, very mellow – which is what you want at bedtime!

    For those worried about having a woman’s voice playing in the house, I put the cd player in my kids room and turn it down low and shut the door – and my husband can’t hear. For my bigger girl, I bought a $5 mp3 player and loaded it JUST with this cd, and I let her listen to it at bedtime – PEACE!

    Love the cd, looking forward to more offerings from Tamar Rudy.

  6. Miri P says:

    I must admit, I keep Tamar Rudy’s CD in my car. When my tired toddler is yelling her head off in the car seat on a long journey, in goes the disc, peace and quiet reigns and sooner or later she drops off to sleep.
    Thanks for this lovely album that really fills a gap in the Jewish music scene.
    (and to all of you who haven’t heard Tamar singing her Lyla Byes live – it’s even better than the disc!)

  7. Sunny June says:

    Wow, what amazing talent. I once read that she never got any voice training! Mrs. Rudy and her girls perform beautifully on the regal productions films. Yes, I also heard she’s working on a second album. Looking forward to hearing more from her.

  8. Yocheved says:

    The lylabyes CD is absolutely amazing. Besides for having the perfect lullabyes for getting young kids to bed calmly with no fuss (tried and true!), it is so relaxing for teenagers and young adults as well. Tamar’s pure voice is bursting with talent, and I feel privileged to hear the outstanding album. Hatzlacha with your new album- if the rumor is true, I’m so excited. Looking forward!

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