Chaim Yisrael’s Releases Second Single ”Modeh Ani”

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Wrapping up this glorious summer season, replete with great musical events and new releases, is Chaim Yisrael, king of Jewish ballads and soul music. Chaim Yisrael presents his second single -an emotional ballad ttiled “Modeh Ani.” The single is a taste of things to come in his new album, to be released soon.

Chaim Yisrael’s musical carreer began with a moving rendition of “Yisgadal V’Yiskadash”, which became one the all -time hits.  Next was the  “Lecha Keili” duet with Yoav Yitzchak, “Mimamakim”, “Chomot shel Tikvah”, and “Menorah”, where he sang in Russian and sounded like the genuine article.

Sit back, listen and enjoy “Modeh Ani.”  Lyrics: Yakir Malkah, Melody and musical production: Rami Raba


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  1. moshe says:

    there’s a problem with the track here & the podcast at about 3:34

  2. shloimo says:

    by the way – he never sang in russian but “menorah” it’s on hebrew

  3. shloimo says:

    besides all his songs are awesome

  4. fan says:

    He did have the song in russian also

  5. lily says:

    Another beautiful song from the best singer there is. What a voice! How I wished I could understand Hebrew.

    Chaim, toda raba

  6. Sam says:

    When it is expsected to be released?

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