First Impressions: Nochi Krohn – Banai

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First Impressions

Usually before I review, it will take me a few listens to form strong opinions. However, I have confidence in Nochi offering a solid product, so I am writing this after only once through the album.

Ein Kadosh Kashem (Track 1)

The musical introduction at the beginning of this track is heavy on the electric guitar and provides a strong energetic beginning to this album. The words are appropriate for the tempo of the song and fit nicely with the rhythm of the song. The song is a classic Jewish style song, but the arrangements take it to another level. I can see this being a popular song.

Esa Einay (Track 2)

This is a simple and beautiful song. I closed my eyes while listening to this song, listened to the guitar strumming, and imagined overlooking Har HaBayis together with a bunch of guys singing this song at a Kumzitz.

Yoshaiv (Track 3)

This song has the “Nochi” ta’am written all over it. Listening to this song brings back memories of old-school Dveykus. It is simple, beautiful and easy to learn (ok, so you might need a siddur or tehillim in front of you when singing it).

Oz Tischazek (Track 4)

Quick reminder, I am writing this as I listen the first time. What I love about this album is its consistency. This is another great song, with a simple yet fun arrangement.

Banai (Track 5 – Title Track)

This song has a classic rock musical feel to it. It is an all Hebrew lyrics song which is unique to this album. The appearance of this style song is a bit surprising to me, but it is nice to know he is adding something unique and different to his portfolio!

Deah Es Hashem (Track 6)

This song has a rock rhythm with words that are not forced. This one may take a few more listens to love, but definitely a solid song.

Berosh Hashono (Track 7)

Maybe I feel this strongly because Yomim Noraim are around the corner, but this song is very emotional and is an absolutely beautiful composition. I am bringing back the gang for a Kumzitz to sing this one. I just love the end (starting about 4:40) when they sing out Us’shuva, Us’fila, Utzedakah!


Rabos Machshavos (Track 8)

This is a classic sounding hora. However, I was surprised to hear speaking within the track which discussed the depth behind Rabos Machshavos. I have not yet determined what I think about it. What do you think?

Tzadik Katamar (Track 9)

My initial thought when listening to this song was that it has a blend of Dveykus and Eitan Katz. I cannot be sure that is what Nochi was going for, but I mean it as a compliment. This song will be a hit at Shabbos tables around the world, no doubt.

Tzaischem (Track 10)

This is a a remake of this song from the first album! Still a great song!

All told, after just one listen, I would listen to this over and over and over and over!


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  1. GPL says:

    Tzeischem L’shalom was not featured on NKB’s first album; rather it was their guest appearance on Azriel Ganz’s Ushmuel B’korei Shmo album

  2. avrami says:

    It’s interesting that on this album you wrote a very quick review, because when i heard this CD for the very first time there were song that i liked instantly. I think there are very good songs on this album,here are the few songs that i love
    1. Ein Kadosh Kashem
    2. Yoshaiv
    3. Oz Tischazek
    4. Banai
    5. Dayah Es Hashem
    I think everybody that likes good music and more important likes good songs should go out and get this CD!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. TRUE Confessions says:

    GPL: Thanks for catching my error. Still a great song!

  4. Pinchas says:

    RE: Banai – just a reminder that Ananim, the title track on NKB1 was also an original composition sung in Ivrit…and also in the form of a message of how Hashem interacts with His briyah.

  5. Norman Levine says:

    This is a no brainer. Quality music performed by outstanding musicians. Every song is a WINNER on this album. Nochi and Marc seem to have a formula that works for everybody! This album is an instant success in every which way!

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