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Ben Snof: Hamasah – The Journey

Ben Snof: Hamasah – The Journey

General, Music, Reviews — By on September 11, 2011 10:40 am



Jewish Music Report would like to welcome our newest writer, Lana LA, who we are sure will be a valued addition to the JMR team!

If you thought you heard all that Israeli music has to offer, guess again and pull out your ipods and you might as well set them to “repeat album” because you will want to listen to this CD countless times over. Not only is Ben Snof’s music original in its making from lyrics to melodies, his voice is as unique as they come.  Not embellished with any fancy studio equipment, you can hear the raw power in the unbelievable notes he hits over and over in his album “Hamasah – the Journey” released in 2010, but the full power of his voice isn’t even captured on the CD, check out some of his live performances and you’ll be amazed at the clarity and pitch he maintains even on that microphone.

This album has songs that range from traditional lyrics to his own created odes and ballads that leave the listener amazed.  Songs  like “Im Eshkacheich Yerushalayim” or “Shir Lama’a lot” performed (and tweaked)  by almost every Jewish performer in the music world today, come alive in another light when Ben takes the stage and takes the song and listener  to a deeper level.

While a song such as “Avinu Malkeinu” has “pop hit” written all over it, other songs such as “Sha’arei Chuppah”,  “K’Shoshana” and “Shavu Bonim” (a song which features the voice of captured soldier Gilad Shalit speaking to his parents) will have you so wrapped in the emotion infused in the track you might just forget where you are. If you’re looking for words and music that really come from the soul this album will not disappoint you.

In all, the songs of this album project a soft, sensitive, yet powerful and intense feeling that really hits a chord within you.  Even if you don’t understand all the words in this all Hebrew album, you won’t be able to miss the magic of this CD. With clear talent and apparent simplicity Ben Snof weaves melodies and meaningful lyrics into great sounding music that could bring young and old to their knees- or jump out of their chair and start dancing (depends what mood you’re in).

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  1. flamenberg says:

    This cd has been out for a little while. I actually bought it in Israel, where it is very popular. A few comments on the cd which the reviewer did not mention. Not all the songs are new. Shir Hamaalos was previously recorded by a number of artists. There are also 2 versions of Shwekey’s Im Eshkochaich (composed by Yochanan Shapiro) and Keshoshana from Acheinu – The Shapiro Brothers (also composed by Yochanan Shapiro). He really seems to like Yochanan’s compositions (as do i) and tops it off with a new composition by Yochanan called “Shuvi”, which i think is the best new song on the album. The one drawback to the album? The music. Very amateurish, and the arrangements are basically the same for every song. It would have been nice if he used a quality arranger. It would have made a world of a difference in making each song stand out instead of sounding the same.

  2. Lana LA says:

    True, what I like best about the way Ben sings Shir Hamaalos and especially Im Eshkochaich is that of course everyone has heard these songs by shwekey, itzik orlev etc. but he puts his “stamp” on it, leaving you with his rendition of it and not the shwekey version in your head (which is also very nice version).
    Yochana Shapiro must be a genius because his stuff is incredible. “Shuvi” is defintely the best song on this cd without a doubt, and definitely worth the mention! I wonder if anyone else has also done this song.

  3. A says:

    yes yochanan shapiro makes up very special songs.you should really check it out on acheinu1,2&3 The shapiro bros.he made up most of those songs.Also he has some nice ones on pruz2&mp3 njoy!shana tovah!

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