Hear An Ohel Concert Update from Avram Zamist and Cal Nathan on Nachum Segal

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The Ohel concert is fast approaching. Check out this latest ad, featuring posters for past Ohel concerts. Will the past hold clues to the future?
The show will be held on November 14th, 2011 at Mason Hall, Baruch Performing Arts Center at 7:30 PM. Located at 17 Lexington Avenue, NYC.
Go to OhelFamily.Org/Concert to Email us about your favorite Jewish music or Upload A Video about the jewish music you love! For more information, please call Toll Free (866) OHEL-TIX (866.643.5849) or visit www.ohelfamily.org/concert. Produced by: Sheer Productions & NYFF Events | Musical Director: Avremi G.
Listen to the latest interview with Avram Zamist of Sheer Productions and Cal Nathan of NYFF Event.

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  1. why says:

    why would anyone pay 100 dolars to go to a concert that they dont know who is singing?

  2. Sunny says:

    I didn’t think this was a good sales tactic either. I think they should reveal some of the lineup and keep the rest a suprise…but hey they’re not asking me. I hope they sell out anyway.

  3. moshe says:

    I have my tickets!!

    I can understand not wanting to take a risk, but based on who they have had in the past, I trust that they will deliver on top level guys. I imagine if they dont have big names at this show there will be a revolt.

    Also, come on, can u imagine, assuming there are big names, the fun of not knowing anything and then a full night of surprises?

    I do understand that some people just dont like surprises … (not me!!)

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