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Ohel: The Music We Love – Final Concert Ad

Ohel: The Music We Love – Final Concert Ad

Concerts, General, Music, News — By on November 9, 2011 8:06 am

Ohel presents its final ad before this Mondays history making concert. Much has been talked about this unheard of move to not reveal the names of the singers for the upcoming concert. The focus will of course be on the music we love.

The last ad does provide some very good hints as to who will be singing on this years show. Go ahead and enter your guesses in the comments section.

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  1. josh says:

    Maccabeats is the easiest guess here
    Gonna guess lipa for the singer,producer, lyricist…

  2. me says:

    There seem to be a few hints here that could easily be a few different people. The youtube video thing could Macabeats OR 8th Day ….

    the producer/lyricist also, seems to easy to be Lipa, it might be trying to trick us ,…

  3. afan says:

    Shalsheles Junior/Kinderlach
    Baruch Levine
    Yisroel Werdeger
    Rivie Schwebel/Abie Rotenburg
    8th Day/Maccabeats
    Sholmie Gertner
    Benny Friedman
    Yishai Lapidot
    Eli Gerstner
    Avraham Fried

  4. genius says:

    NO no no.

    The producer arranger lyricist is yossi green who recently was in the national media when his songs got placed on the playlists of United Airlines.

    Overseas is Gertner.

    The 3 albums one in last few months is either Pruz or Levine (if u dont count touched by a nigun).

    The youtube thing is obviously Maccabeats.

    Heart in the right place is Lipa (M’umka D’lipa)

    Some of the other ones are a little trickier….

  5. Sunny says:

    Sounds like a great lineup! They definitely didn’t disappoint. I hope they plan on putting out a DVD of this year’s show.

  6. mendel says:

    Heart in the right place is shwekey (LIBI BAMIZRACH)

  7. afan says:

    the one coming across the atlantic is probarly Yonatan Shainfeld since was ina group (Kinderlach).

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