The Megama Albums – Available Again!

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When JMR first started, we posted an item called “The Lost Albums” regarding albums that have disappeared. Among those albums, we mentioned the classic Megama records, whose most famous song, “My Zeidy”, was for many years the anthem of the Baal Teshuva movement. The Megama Duo, made up of guitarist and vocalist Moshe Yess and the multi-talented Shalom Levine (violin, percussion, vocals, kazoo and more), sang songs that were haunting, humorous, irreverent and ironic. They influenced the likes of Abie Rotenberg and many others.

Now you can get those albums on mp3!*

Visit to hear the sound of one of Jewish music’s most formative, creative and memorable groups, and to learn more about Moshe Yess.


*While the sound quality ain’t great quite yet, it’ll certainly remind you of the vinyl experience!

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  1. Oh yea! Not heard those songs for decades! “and zaidy made the kidush Friday night…” good songs too, I could never get them out of my head. Should really buy a few!

  2. Yoni Gershon says:

    Here’s what I want to see: A remastered version of Raya Mehemna. Remember those guys? That was a band!

  3. Hislahavus says:

    That’s available already on iTunes under the name Isaac Bitton – along with their brand new album, “Redemption Generation”. :-) (Always happy to be the bearer of good news!)

  4. Tali Yess says:

    You can also find three other Moshe Yess albums which have pretty much fallen off the grid over the years and a free Mp3 download of My Zadie as well.

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