Musical Tributes to Eli Schonbrun and Dani King A’H

General, Music — By on December 14, 2011 5:14 pm

Musical tributes prepared for the Shloshim of Eli Schonbrun and Dani King, A’H, two Waterbury students who were killed in a tragic rollover accident on their way back to yeshiva following the freak October snowstorm that left Connecticut without power for days.

Featuring the music and voices of Simcha Leiner and Yosef Schick.



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  1. chaim m says:

    The song Al Zeh was in fact composed by Mordy Friedman of Montreal and Shmaya Hauer of Toronto.[for Camp Munk 2003] (yosef schick was still in diapers:)

  2. nechama says:

    hes just a bit older than that :)

  3. pinchos gutmann says:

    where can i download the song from? its really nice!

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