Scoop – Yaron Gershovsky to Feature Sarah Dukes’ All-New Compositions!

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Love solo piano? Here’s a treat for you: In a first for Jewish music, a new album is about to be released of entirely new compositions for piano, composed by pianist Sarah Dukes, and performed by the peerless Yaron Gershovsky. “We were looking for a pianist who really understood the compositions, and after trying a few musicians, we sat down with Yaron, who played them perfectly,” says Dukes. The new album, called Finding Forever, will be released around Chanukah time. And if you want a little bit of pre-release listening pleasure, go to or to

You can hear samples of the CD here. The CD and Digital Download will be available through Aderet Music at

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  1. Paul Hart says:

    This is very special music by a young and gifted artist. I look forward to ongoing works.

  2. Your biggest fan says:

    This is awesome I am your biggest fan!

  3. Shifra L. says:

    Can’t wait for the CD to come out- where can we pre-order?

  4. Alfred Dukes says:

    Sarah, Congratulation. What I heard is very beautiful. I want to start with 3 discs as soon as it is publiched. I am proud of you. Dont stop!!!
    Alter Zaidy

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