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The Ultimate Concert of Your Dreams

The Ultimate Concert of Your Dreams

Articles, General — By on January 2, 2012 12:08 pm

Oh wow. It’s been 8 months since my last post. (Which was also my first post.) It’s a good thing this isn’t a one man (sorry, person) website.

I was thinking about the big HASC concert, coming this Sunday. It’s one of the premiere concerts in Jewish Music, certainly the longest running, now in its 25th year. The show will debut a cast packed with names from the past and some new faces, currently trending in Jewish Music. A cast that, at least announced, boasts 22 different groups or solo artists. (Counting a group like Shalsheles Jr or Miami or 8th Day, as one act, not as 3 or 20 or 2 each) One would assume since it’s the 25th year and they love surprises, they will have at least 25 acts.

We will know after Sunday night how this concert, featuring probably the largest cast ever assembled for a Jewish Music show is received, but before then, I thought it would be fun to dream up our own ultimate concert lineups.

Of course, this does not mean you need to include 50 artists, maybe your ultimate dream is 2 acts, or even, 1 act! It’s your dream, so you can have what you wish. So let’s see. I believe most people would pick from the big players, and of course, since it’s a dream scenario, don’t worry about mixed seating yes, mixed seating no, or I’d like this guy at his prime, or that guy 10 years ago. No rules, this includes time and space as well!

Since I’m the writer it would be only fitting to give my own dream concert, or at least, one of them.

MBD, Fried, Dudu Fisher.

Dudu opens show, then Fried and Dudu, then Fried, then Fried and MBD, then MBD, the finale, MBD, Fried and Dudu.

Your turn, all comments welcome, no negativity, this is about having fun. But, hey, how about more than 9 comments this time!

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  1. avrami says:

    this sound like a interesting conversation!!! here is my dream list.
    duet – MBD and FRIED
    Aish – abie rotenberg and shlomo simcha
    miami boys choir together with ybc
    the rabbi sons
    chaim yisroel – himself and duet with fried
    obviously fried doing a few cuts himself
    dveykus ( i love rivi schwebel!!!)
    8th day to give a little kick
    then the FINALE everybody together (something like the finale from hasc 5)
    and of course a stunning overture by yisroel lamm instermental piece composed by yossi green together with abie rotenberg special for the evening!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Amrom says:

    I would go to any concert that features these 5 singers:
    Avrum Fried, Lipa, Dedi, Schwekey and Yossi Roze.
    (if you dont know who Yossi Roze is, you missed two good albums)

  3. chaim says:

    Its a crime against humanity that mbd hasnt featured at hasc since 2004.

    In fact his only major commercialy released performance at a concert since hasc 17 was at `the event` 2009!

    I have noticed his voice whilst still brilliant, just is not capable of hitting those high powerful notes anymore.
    And i think he wants his hasc legacy to be those original performances from those first few hascs.

    I have heard people say he doesnt perform at hascs because theres no mechitza etc, but come on – i have seen him perform in recent years in halls where women and men are too. so i doubt its because of that.

    Anyway, as sad as it sounds – mbd is done with the big stage, he will only do local concerts or tzedoka events or chasanas now, and i doubt that will change.

    It does sadden me though, because as good as the gertners, fried, shwekey etc are – there is nobody with that mbd in his prime (in my opinion from late 80s til around 2000 was his prime),
    simply nobody sounds like that.
    Even his son yeedle has a totally different style of singing.

    I absolutly think its time for whoever is holding onto those old brooklyn college concerts from late 80s etc, and those hascs such as 1, 3, 8 etc
    which were never broadcast on film, to actually be put out, we dont care if the quality video isnt amazing, but there is a massive audience for classic mbd in his prime footage, and dare i say, a far bigger audience for that, than many of the singers today.

    This is why a platform like youtube, where people can upload those vintage mbd performances, and keep the memory alive, such as those old chabad telethon perforances – is absolutly essential. No two ways about it.
    If you look at how many people comment on those mbd performances of someday, kol nidreh etc and talk about how this has rekindled the spark of yiddishkeit in there its astounding.

    For all the lippas, shwekeys, levine etc – nobody has made such a difference as mbd.
    Im sure you all know this though.

    MBD – the king of jewish music! forever

  4. chaim says:

    Oh – and on topic with the concert of dreams.

    I would say lipa starting off,
    with `wake up`, and `binyan adei ad`
    yehuda green singing moisheles niggun
    dovid gabay with mitzvoh gedolah
    ybc singing `hillel omer`
    mbd singing samcheinu, tov lehodos (composed by laufer version), vehaviyosom, etc.
    mendy wald singing sameach
    finale all of them together singing classic songs like ribonoh shel olom, besein bonu, etc

  5. MB says:

    I would go to any concert for Avraham Fried.

  6. mark levin says:

    @ Chaim

    I beleive those concerts were put out on video and are avail at mostly music or eichlers. I think I have them.

  7. avrami says:

    TO CHAIM.. I hear what you say good point, but i think you are not fair when it comes to FRIED, looks like you have something against him, i think he thrills people forsure today, back in the days it was agruable who was the best fried or mbd, but i wont get in to that (btw if you didnt notice i am a big big fried fan!!). But what i am trying to say he is and always was a fantastic preformer and thriller and you cant take that away from him!!!!!!! About his albums lets not get in to it, he is from the only singer that i could say his album are rated 10 out of 10!!!!! mbd almost too!!!! I hope you get my point, But all the stuff you wrote was good and MBD deservs those compliments but i would just change the name mbd to fried then it would be perfect!!!!
    dont get me wrong i am a big MBD fan too

  8. shloimo says:

    Lipa duet with his nephew
    Yeedle duet with his cousin (reb Yisroel)
    MBD duet with his brother (reb Mendel)
    Michoel Schnitzler duet with Naftoli
    and trio of brothers: Chaim Israel, Itzik Eshel and Avishai
    probably it’s never going to happen on HASC stage but idea is really fantastic

  9. Rachel says:

    Ok here goes
    Start off the show with Shalsheles Junior
    Next up Shlomie Gertner
    Next Adar since Ive never seen him perform and it should be interesting
    Next Avraham Fried and Miami both doing many songs
    Baruch Levine would be nice and maybe the Maccabeats but everyone else Im not really interested in

  10. chaim says:

    @mark levin

    on video?
    no way hascs 1 and 3 there were a couple of raw video copies that i think sheya and suki and ding have, thats about it – they were never released on video unfortunatly

  11. chaim says:

    @avrami – hi i like fried, its just i prefered the younger fried voice thats all.
    i can see why many people would like the deeper richer fried voice of today though.

    with mbd i am the oposite, i actually liked mbd`s voice a lot more when it started going a deeper around late 80s, for me i prefer that voice, than the much younger voice on his earlier 80s and 70s albums.

  12. Sunny says:

    @Chaim- Although it is disappointing that MBD has not starred in any recent concerts, I don’t think that ‘a crime aganst humanity’ is the right term for it. (Just to give you some context, the murder of the Jews during WWII is called a crime aganst humanity).

    IMO the ultimate concert would feature, Ohad, Fried,Schwekey, Gertner, Shalsheles jr, and sr. Maccabeats as the backup choir.
    I’m probably the only one who feels like this but my favorite concerts are the ones that I can watch at home on my computer. Now, can hasc sell charge ppl. to be able to watch the concert live? I would love this!

  13. Sara says:

    I think that last years HASC duet concert came pretty close to my ultimate concert. I wasn’t actually there but I saw the DVD and it was incredible. If I could tweak the lineup a bit it would have also included eighth day (singing with Benny friedman and avraham fried), lev tahor with shalsheles, Beri weber joining shloime gertner and lipa, and yerachmiel begun doing a duet with Eli gerstner. Now, if the tickets could be only $30 I would be at that concert in a heartbeat!

  14. josh says:

    I think that there are many talented singers today that are not as well known because they do not have albums. I’ve been to weddings where these guys sang, and they were incredible. Just as good as the famous ones, if not better. I would love to see these guys together in a lineup at a concert. Even if theyre in addition to the big names,it would be great to see them get a decent amount of singing time. Here’s a few names of incredible less known singers off the top of my head:
    Yonatan Shlagbaum, Shauly Waldner, Shaya Hecht, Yoni Zigelbaum, Simcha Leiner.
    If you’ve heard these guys sing, you’d know what I’m talking about.

  15. menachem zahavi says:

    to avrom:
    i agree

  16. Daniel says:

    In no particular order:

    Dedi, Kol Achai, MBD singing material strictly from his pre-efshar letaken days, D;veykus!, Abie Rotenberg and MBD, Abie, MBD, and Baruch Levine, Avraham Fried and MBD, More Abie, Shalsheles with classic songs, MBD, Abie, and Miami Boys Choir: All with the backup vocals of the Hasc 18 choir.

  17. LA MUZIK says:

    Dream Concert of a liftime
    Location: Madison Square Garden
    Produced by Shea Mendleowitz, Suki and Ding, Avram Zamist
    Conducted by Yisroel Lamm & Moshe Laufer
    Music Freilach Band Sound by Illya Ilashinsky
    MC’s Nachum Segal, Yossi Zweig

    1- Benny Friedman by himself
    2- Shloime Daskal & Lipa
    3- Yoely Greenfeld & Beri Weber
    4- Shloime Gertner & Shloime Tassig
    5- Baruch Levine & Yaakov Shwekey
    6- Itche Meir Helfgot & Avraham Fried
    7- Mordche with Nephew Yisroel Werdyger
    8- Dedi & Ohad & Yishai Lapidot
    9- Yakov Shweky with brother Yosef Chaim
    Half Time Show Drum Match: Matt Hill, Avrumi Shreiber, Chemi Soiblman, Shloime Zeiger, Eli Friedman, Eran Asias & Avi Bernstein
    10- Abie Rottenberg, Yossi Green, Yitzi Waldner, & Motti Illowiz singing each others songs
    11- Chaim Yisrael & Gad Elbaz
    12- Dovid Gabay, Benny Friedman & Mendy Wald
    13- Avraham Fried, MBD, Yeedle
    14- Shlomo Simcha & Helfgot
    15- 8th day & Eli Marcus
    16- Lipa, Taussig & yitzchak Fuchs (Halelu & Lashem Haaretz)
    17- Backup by Shira Choir, AKA Pella & Macabeats
    18- Finale EVERYONE

  18. chaim says:

    @daniel `mbd singing from strictly pre efshar letaken days` come on hes had one or two good songs since, i mean that `mi keamcho` song on that album is brilliant! why he never sings it in concertsa i dont know

  19. chaim says:

    @la muzik no offense id pay to NOT go through that concert, soundas awful! maccabeats as backup? really?
    and mbd just kind of slid in their? really? pfft

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