The Top 5 in Jewish Music by SPLASHNEWS

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Top 5 In Jewish Music

[EDITORS NOTE: Please remember this is not meant to be taken factual, it is merely the authors own personal opinion of his top 5 singers in Jewish Music, if you disagree, please do so in the comment section!]

There are many singers out there. Some have been around for years and some have not. Each and every singer has what to offer and each has his unique style. Here is a look at my opinion of the top 5 right now. I’m sure many will disagree with me, so feel free to comment on who you think are the top 5!

(I left out singers with a very particular genre such as Itche Meir Helfgot.)

1-Avraham Fried– Fried has a voice like none other and has dominated the music scene for years. He is still at the top of the mountain and is not looking to come down any time soon. The world is awaiting his upcoming new album. He has spent the year on a world tour together with…

2-Lipa Schmeltzer– Lipa is the new King of Jewish Music. He has impacted and changed the world of music single-handedly. His influence on almost every other singer is incredible. He has also opened it up for many chassidishe singers. Without him, where would Gertner and Weber be right now? He is also the #1 performer in the world and completely owns the stage. – BTW, respect to MBD but you can’t really call him the current King if he is retired.

3-Ohad Moskowitz– Ohad has shown that he can sing alongside anyone and will firmly hold his ground. His range puts him in a  different league than everyone else. He is also impacting music by being very involved with younger artists such as Itzik Dadia and Yonatan Shainfeld.

4-Shloime Gertner– Has a little bit of a different style and has shown that he is comfortable with just about any type of song; slow, fast,
techno, etc. Also paired up often with Lipa. Bottom line, there are many new albums that you will say “Oh, look he put out a new one” and then you will walk on. You will not pass up a new Gertner album.

5-Yaakov Shwekey– This choice was a hard one because a few years ago Shwekey was worth a lot more than 5 but has lost many fans after a 5th album that lacked something new and exciting (people expected more from from someone of his caliber), followed by the album, “Libi”, which I thought was a great album but apparently not everyone else did. Maybe because it was all Sefardi. I would’t say he is past his prime as his voice is only getting better so let’s see what his upcoming album, “Cry No More”, will sound like. Oh, and he is the undisputed #1 singer in Eretz Yisroel. Hmm..

-6-? Shloime Daskal is tough because he is obviously sitting with the big guys as his voice and last album “Poseach Es Yodecha”, puts him in another class, but we haven’t heard from him in a couple years.

Thanx for reading! Let me know what you say and stay tuned for the next article – “The Up & Coming”!

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  1. avrami says:

    Well I agree with you almost totaly, i think i would put MBD on second place, he is actually the one who started this all.

  2. Zack says:

    Nice article!
    I would swap lipa and shwekey though, lipa is a top entertainer, singer not so much.
    Can mbd really be left out bc he’s not putting out albums? Or do you not want to share your opinion…

  3. Zack says:

    I would also swap gertner for gabay, being that gabay seems to be getting better and better as opposed to shloime…

  4. SPLASHNEWS says:

    Thanks for the comments. Regarding MBD, he has had a career like we may not ever see again, but he is retired and my list was of the top 5 singers that are still in action. I also stand by my placing of Lipa based on his influence on the world of music.

  5. just a fan says:

    First of all, mbd did not retire… He just not planning on putting out more albums. Which would still mean he might have more albums than anyone else. But he has a new cd that is newer than most if not all of the singers above. So he shouldn’t be out the picture.

    Second, though a lot of those singers I really like a lot, I feel like some people were left out that should be there. For example baruch levine who I am listening to right now.

    With all the diversity in jm right now, its really impossible to list the best singers or artists or even entertainers and any list just becomes a list of your favroite

  6. SPLASHNEWS says:

    MBD has said in an interview, which you can watch on this very website, that this is his “retirement album” and he is moving to Yerushalayim “where I hope to spend the rest of life, learning Torah and doing mitzvos”.

  7. Rachel says:

    Dont agree with you on Ohad. What has he released lately that has been popular? He has a great voice but there is more to being a great singer then that. Also how can Gertner go before Shwekey? Shwekey might not be as popular as he was 5 years ago but he is definitely still more popular then Lipa, Ohad and even Gertner. Must agree with you about Fried – definitely the king at the moment. Lipa is going down in my opinion..

  8. just a fan says:

    I don’t think he is out of the mix, esp considering he had a new song after his retirement album.

    I can’t imagine after being so big for so long he will just disappear. Hey I know I will not stop listening sso he isn’t retiring from my ipod

  9. Mender says:

    I’d do in order …

    Benny Friedman
    Dovid Gabay
    Baruch Levine

  10. nechama says:

    MBD didnt really start it all. there were several others before him that i think were the trailblazers of it all.i think though he was the first ‘leader of the pack’in chassidic music (as opposed to shlomo carlebach). just to name a few, shlomo carlebach, the rabbis sons, ohr chadash, the messengers,kol solonika,dovid werdyger and pirchei.

  11. nechama says:

    some of my top people – yehuda!,miami boys choir, ohad, vintage schwebel scharf and levine, nostalgia (1960s – 1990s). no specific order and very high.(there maybe some im forgetting). i love very much jewish music (and literate to a mderate to high degree in it too) and pretty much most of whats out there.if i may be so bold as to say that the jewish music today has shifted to a different track that may not be to certain peoples likings. (more jazzy and digital – not so much my type but im still very open to it).

  12. avi says:

    i love Baryo

  13. MB says:

    There is only one.
    A Fried

  14. ira shleis says:

    Dov levine is incredible too bad I can’t find we believe I think was his first album he still sounds good today on shweble sharf levine which is one of the best and longest running group of beautiful voices

  15. djac says:

    wat bout the top jewish singer chaim yisrael hes put out more albums than anyone and hes pure qaulity no body beats him he should be #1

  16. jacob says:

    great article . I believe there are lots of other good singers with good voices. and there are other great cds with great songs that are sung by not such good singers. but I think ur list is more of singers that have star power n that can grab people to show up to a concert when they perform. I think the reason singers like shloime daskal don’t get picked up to STAR STATUS is cause shloime n other chasidishe singers don’t perform on concerts so they don’t go any further then giving out cds.

  17. Amrom says:

    1 word “Dedi”..! i miss Dediiii!! DEDI rocks!
    Oh Dedi, we love Dedi, come on Dedi…..
    What happened to my Dedi????
    (Also does anyone remember Yossi Roze???
    2 great albums and then gone by the wind, so sad :-(

  18. Hmmmmm says:

    Fried, Shwekey……(big drop)…… Lipa…. everybody else… you got spoiled with shwekeys first few albums that had 7 hits each now he puts out only 3 hits per album but thats still more than ohads 1 or gertners 1 or lipas 2 cmon? your article couldve been entitled ” i have generic tastes except im not so big on shwekey”.

  19. HillelKAPS says:

    As a writer on this site I have to back up this article because hearing an opinion of someone who “knows music” can be very instrumental (no pun intended) in giving those a chance who dont “know” music ideas of what they should listen to. It never hurts to hear someone’s opinion especially since it was done very openly . I definitely strongly disagree on some of the writers opinions , but lets all remember that there was a disclaimer to this article.

  20. SPLASHNEWS says:

    Jacob- The point you made about concerts is very true and I plan on discussing that in my next article.

  21. chaim says:

    sadly i agree mbd cant be king of music if he rarely performs anymore :( what about yehuda green though hes great!

  22. chaim says:

    @just a fan yes he is retired – with the exception of `the event` 3 years ago, he has only performed at one hasc in 8 years – doesnt do ohel or anything
    the only major concert he has done besides the event is the laufer anniversary thing – and even that YET AGAIN wasnt commercialy released!
    why so many big concerts arent commercialy released is just beyond me ugh

  23. rachel says:

    chaim the reason he does not perform at ohel, hasc or the others is because he does not perform in mixed seating concerts on principle not because he is going out of business.

  24. avrami says:

    i would like to add that shwekey is NOT the number 1 , in Israel at all, because he makes is huge ceasaria concert which is blown out of porportion doesnt make him number 1?????? Avraham Fried is by far the biggest one in Israel he make a couple of big concert there a year and are sold out shows ( and doesnt need a 50 piece band to get the people to come). but i will say that Shwekey definitly comes before all the other ones, so i really dont understand your cheshbon. but not bad article

  25. nechama says:

    folowing the thoughts of some posters here, i think there should be a top # list of those that are famous (or not so famous)because of their good voices,albums,connection to the music,etc.

  26. jacob says:

    I think nechama is right. there should be a article on great cd too. I think that yeedle werdigers cds are solid n his songs always became hits. I wouldn’t put him in the top 5 but his cds I would rate number one. so there should be a top 5 list on cds

  27. JMMaven says:

    Not sure how you can put Lipa and Gertner ahead of Shwekey. Shloime is a great singer, but he still hasn’t made his mark yet.
    Lipa is an entertainer, and the material on his albums is definitely not as good as a lot of others (and the music he may be king of isn’t so Jewish).
    In some ways, Fried is past his prime, and has appeared on too many Hasc shows without new material, so until he releases something new, it will be the same old songs, but he still manages to do a solid job with what he has.
    I personally hold that a lot of a singer’s success comes from the songs on his albums, combined with his abilities, and in that regard, Yaakov Shwekey is definitely one of the top, if not the top, out there.
    And you also have the wedding singer category – I think Shloime Daskal is probably from the best out there, and his album is still pretty high up on my playlist, though it seems like he might not be planning on more albums with original material for a while.

  28. shalomB says:

    i think the maker of this list is confusing “all time” with “popular”. An all time list will obviously include Avraham Fried and MBD. For a “popular” list, put lipa and ohad etc. Put 8th day for all i care. But an all time list shouldnt have lipa on it. (sorry lipa fans)

  29. sam says:

    Can u do an article on top 5 jewish music groups?
    For me it will be
    1. Shalsheles
    2 Chevra
    3 Aka pella
    4 8th day
    5. Sheves Achim/Nochi Krohn Band

  30. SPLASHNEWS says:

    shalomB- If you read the article you would notice that this is not an “all time” list, but a current list. Notice, I said MBD can’t be on it because he is retired.

  31. shmili says:

    def … fried the king
    then lipa he just getting better by day
    ohad not bad
    but gertner ?????????? shwekey??????
    wats this this is not called singing fake voices
    i just cant listen to those singers with fake voices
    i would say daskal rather then shwekey
    and webber instead of gertner


  32. SPLASHNEWS says:

    @shmili, not sure what you mean by “fake voices” and Daskal does not perform in concert which means he may be a top, if not “the” top Chasunah singer but I would not place him on my top 5 list. Regarding Beri Weber, if you read my “The Up & Coming” article you will see that I predicted him to go far and he is well on his way with concerts booked throughout the summer. Thnx 4 the comment.

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