Shwekey: Cry No More Music Video Goes Live!

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Official music video from the title song of Yaakov Shwekey’s new album. A Mendy Pellin Film. Full credits and information at

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Written and Directed by:
Mendy Pellin

Director of Photography:
Daron Keet

Line Producer: Liron Smadja
Camera Operator & Associate Producer: Aviv Vana
Coordinator: Moti Friedman
Art Director: Yossi Fraenkel
Gaffer: Yehoshua Shlomowitz
Colorist: David Smith
Editorial Consultant: Arnon Shorr

Key Grip: Itai Askal

C a s t : Netanel Hashachar,
Ayelet Hashachar, Gabi Komet,
David Hilfstein, Netanel Hain & Shoko
Special Thanks: COLIN GOLDSTEIN (south africa)
Aish Jerusalem, Chabad Chevron,
Rabbi Yehuda Weinberg, Eli Beer,
United Hatzalah, Effy Cohen,
Yehoshua Frankel, Udi Weber,
Moshe & Israel Orange, Nachman
Seltzer and the Shira Chadasha
Boys Choir, Michael Bodinger,
Sara Halevi, Yossi Lapko, Ben Katz,
Yisroel Majeski, Yechiel Fishman,
Chezi Rosenbaum, Mati Goldstein
Album Producer:
Yochi Briskman

Song composed by:
Yaakov Shwekey & Yitzy Waldner

Lyrics by:
Ken Burgess

Arranged by:
Yanky Briskman

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  1. sam says:

    AMAZING!! Best jewish music video! ‘This’ year in Jerusalem!

  2. sam says:

    Awesome filming 3:52 – 3:55! Shwekey is soo cool!!

  3. Maureen says:

    Beautiful, special, moving and superb!!

    Amazing work all of you!

  4. sara k says:

    WOW! heartrendingly moving!

  5. saliza says:

    I REALLY WANT TO CRY – GORGEOUS!!! i want shweky to sing my wedding!!!

  6. arnold says:

    This was an inspirational clip that evoked feelings of passion for Jerusalem of Old.

  7. Kol Isha says:

    Chaim: I tried emailing you to discuss your comments, but the email address you gave me was invalid. Please email me at to discuss your comments. Thanx.

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