Top 16 Revealed for Jewish Star Season 3

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A Jewish Star Singing Competition has released the names of the top 16 vote-getters for season 3. Next week judges Avraham Fried, Eli Gerstner, Yossi Green and Mendy Pellin will choose from them the semi-finalists who will perform live at the finale in Brooklyn College.

The 16 top voted are:

Yaakov Klein
Ami Eller
Shmuel Schwartz
Shimi Marcovich
Pinchas Tsniman
Yehoshua Solomon
Nachman Goldenberg
Moshe Biton
Mordy Kurtz
Mendel Markel
Hillel Kapnick
Eytan Arabov
Dovi Minkowicz
Dov Ber Gurewicz
Choni Goldman

Watch the top 16 by going to A Jewish Star’s YouTube page!

Get your tickets to the concert here!

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  1. yaakovkleinfan101 says:

    ahhhh!!!! yaakov u made it on the top. congrats. me and the boyz r rooting for u. good luk to u and all the other contestants

  2. Moshe says:

    You only have 15 written down. You forgot AY Karsh. He’s in the Video

  3. Yasmine says:

    YAY Shmueli! Keep it up!!!!

  4. TH says:

    Yay for Yaakov! We’re rooting for you Yaks!

  5. chaim says:

    yehoshua solomon (brother of avrohom solomon who was a top solosit for miami in late 80s early 90s), is in the list – great im happy for him, check out his video here

  6. chaim says:

    `soloist – lol i cant spell

  7. shloime says:

    I hope the judges take a look at all the contestants it would only be fair KOL TUV!!

  8. meir goldson says:

    why is ay karshs name not on the list ? hes in the video??

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