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There are many singers out there that are trying to reach to the top. Pretty soon, you will say regarding some of them, “I remember when he was just starting. Wow, look at him now!” There are also others that you will unfortunately forget about. A couple weeks ago I wrote an article on The Top 5 in Jewish Music. Who are The Up & Coming? (This list is of course, my opinion and is not meant to be taken as factual)

1-Benny Friedman- Benny is already a household name and it’s just a matter of time before he hits the top 5 list as he is basically there already. Here is an interesting story with him. Years ago, he used to be able to sound exactly like his uncle Avraham Fried; so much that Camp Romimu used him to put on a fake Fried concert. This was a younger Benny who had no beard, etc. They fitted him with a beard that looked like Fried’s and he put on an entire concert with the crowd thinking he was Avraham Fried! To his advantage he decided to use his own voice for his career and was able to make a name for himself. This is just the beginning.

2-Yoely Greenfeld– Yoely has, in my opinion, one of the best voices in our time. His debut album was a smashing hit and he is now one of the most sought after chasunah singers. He also attracted both the chassidishe and litvishe crowds which is hard to do. In an interview with SPLASHNEWS he was asked what is the most popular song on his album and he said, ” It depends, if you ask a chassidishe he will tell you Aimusei, but if you ask a litvak he will say Yichadsheihi!” In a side note, he one of the only singers who sounds exactly the same, live, as he does on the album. A big factor will be if he continues to stay away from the stage or not. If he does decide to do concerts, he can quickly hit the top, but if not he will probably remain in ranks with Shloime Daskal. I guess that’s not so bad!

3-Beri Weber– Beri’s new album is flying off the shelves. In the new album we see two things. Firstly, his voice is noticeably better than  in his first album, and we also see that he is able to move away from the generic chassidishe music as the album features many different styles. He is also very similar to Lipa which makes sense because he is Lipa’s “baby”. Lipa should just make sure that his baby doesn’t grow big enough to eat him! Beri also has a huge fan club in Eretz Yisroel and is quickly gaining stardom. We shall see if he hits the big stage.

4-Yosef Chaim Shwekey– His new album is possibly one of the best albums I’ve heard all year. What’s important is that he stayed away from his brother Yaakov’s style and developed his own. This is the first step in making a name for himself. No one can become a top 5 singer if he “sounds  almost exactly like Y. Shwekey or Fried etc.” (ie: Dovid Gabay) Yosef Chaim has tremendous potential and he is already putting on big concerts in his home land, Eretz Yisroel.

5-Yisroel Werdyger– Sruly is already in a different league and his songs songs are played everywhere. He has something for everyone and he is a pleasure to listen to. The concert question is also a big factor for him but I think he is comfortable where he is.

6-Shloime Taussig– Shloime also has an incredible voice and is wildly popular as a chasunah singer. He was also able to attract the litvishe crowd with his song Modim as his claim to fame. Singers like Werdyger and Greenfeld may hold him back, but a brand new album can change that.

7-Amram Adar– Adar has hit the music world with a bang. His music video is also very popular and I know people that bought the album just because of that! Yes, sometimes a good music video will do it; just look at 8th Day. He has a little bit of a “different” voice which can be to his advantage as people are always looking for something new and different. Is he Yochi Briskman’s new guy? We shall wait and see.

8-8th Day– I had to decide wheather they go on this list because they are a group and this list is really for solo artists but okay. 8th day really took the world by a storm with Yalili and put on a major concert with Lipa but here is the problem- When they put out a new album, everyone will want to know which song is the new Yalili but the question is, can they do it? Normally, singers are not under pressure to outshine their previous album/hit song, but I think that 8th Day is under enormous pressure for this because their career was virtually launched by this one song. Another factor to determine if they will hit the top and stay there, is that they really have their own distinct genre of music and the question is if the mainstream is really interested in that.

Once again I appreciate your comments. Let me know what you think and feel free to voice your own opinions!

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  1. HillelKAPS says:

    I think the question on 8th day is bigger than anyone dreams. There are not as many people that “get” or enjoy their other songs. When I produced a number of concerts upstate, I got them because I enjoy ALL of their music. When they get up on stage by any mainstream concert now all you can hear from the crowd is “Ya’a’lili!” “Sing Ya’alili”. Numerous times they have been put on a poster as “The Ya’alili Guys”.

    As of now the world has heard that one song (and maybe “It’s Shabbos now”) But past that I dont believe the mainstream world is gonna continue giving them the fame they have been getting. Not that they don’t deserve it. I was a fan of their first album as well as the 2nd and now the third. Not just 1 song song thats catchy.

  2. SPLASHNEWS says:

    You are absolutely right. I wrote “the question is if the mainstream is interested”, I think the answer to that that is, no. For them to be successful, they will have to incorporate more mainstream music into their albums. I don’t think they will because that is not who they are, but we shall see.

  3. sam says:

    What about the Maccabeats!!! Within just over a year theyre the most popular jewish group…..and it looks like theyre just starting! looking forward to see more songs from them soon!

  4. Meir says:

    I would hope that 8th Day does NOT “incorperate more mainstream music into their albums.” Anyone who is aware that Chasing Prophecy is actually 8th Day’s third album would be dissapointed if their next album had the typical ho-hum same-four-composers-same-four-arrangers jewish music sound.
    They are good because they are fresh, they are fresh because they are from outside the box.
    Dear 8th Day, Please do not compromise your musical insight on the alter of “making it mainstream”
    Just my opinion.

  5. SPLASHNEWS says:

    Meir- true, but that is what they might have to do in order to be successful. They do not have to change completely but they will have to mix it up a little.

  6. YG says:

    8th Day Rocks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Their rhythm, and lyric originality is unparalleled in Jewish music history. Their stage presence is electrifying and they connect with a crowd as good as anyone else in the business. Yes, even their Uncle Avremel…

  7. Yehuda says:

    What is this “success” you speak of? Playing Brooklyn weddings every night? Headlining a Hasc concert? Having a Youtube video with more than 100,000 hits?

    Their music is different, their venues will be different, and their numerous fans who loved Lamma Balue, Tracht Gut and Krenitz before Yalili are just fine with that. Even if the “mainstream” isn’t.

    Mainstream sucks. That’s where the fishermen reel you in.

  8. Meir says:

    You define successful as making it mainstream. Many reasonable people would define success as contributing something original to the world.
    Neither of us are right or wrong. I just hope that the Marcus brothers agree with me…

  9. djac says:

    Wat about avishai eshel his single was #1of the year in israel

  10. Amrom says:

    I totaly agree what you said about Yoely Greenfeld and i know him personal, and he does sounds on weddings the same as he sounds on albums.

    Oh and im a chassidishe and Akdumes Millin is my favorite song from his album :-)

    Also i spoke to him about a month ago after a wedding when we went to a vach nacht and i asked him about his album success, he told me that he broke just even with the expenses of the album but since the release of his album he got more then double booked to sing on weddings, so he looks at it as an investment and said its gonna take a while to his next album and it’ll be rather for pleasure then business.

    He also said something that i once heard Lipa say in KW (kollel Williamsburg) to a few of us at a chulent party, that now all the copies you sell in the first month after releasing an album thats basically what will be all your profit because after that month someone who doesnt have the CD will just borrow it from a friend or copy it etc etc and very few will buy an album that has been released for a while, (they usually say i will anyway not buy it so why cant i copy it..?)
    He said that his Letoivu and Bedarach albums has been sold much more after release then his other albums have been after release even though he became much more popular.
    Also when we asked him why will some singers put their albums on iTunes and Amazon instead of just leaving it on Mostly Music or Gal Paz for download. he said because mostly music sells a download for $11.99 and $5.99 goes to the singer while iTuenes sells for $9.99 and $6.99 goes to the singer.

  11. Tchkave Ruv says:

    I agreee chag kosher vsameiach

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