Intro Of A lifetime Sung By Lipa Schmeltzer An Aaron Teitelbaum Production

Event Video, General, Video Promo — By on April 1, 2012 4:33 pm

Unique Wedding Intro Sung By Lipa Schmeltzer At A Wedding in New York Hilton On March 18 2012, Conducted by Yisroel Lamm an Aaron Teitelbaum Production

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  1. JtopBlogger says:

    way too long but entertaining nonetheless

  2. moshe says:

    That was the wedding of Ralph Herzka’s son.

  3. bal shem says:

    i love every min of it bring more

  4. jacob says:

    is it possible just to hear the intro and not see the video?

  5. jacob says:

    Is there another way to hear this intro?

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