Lipa Releases New Album Name!

General — By on April 11, 2012 5:28 pm

The world of Jewish Music is getting ready to answer it’s biggest question yet. Are you ready to take a “Leap of Faith”?

Lipa Schmeltzer, one of the most interesting and loved singers of our current era, has a history already of also having one of the most interesting and exciting careers of this era. His last album featured some very different music, stylistically, and while many people enjoyed it, it was criticized by many fans for being too different and not enough like his mega hit A Poshiter Yid.

It seems from everything we are hearing that Lipa is looking to return to the style that made Poshiter Yid his most loved album. A few weeks ago JMR’s SPLASHNEWS had this conversation with Lipa.

It will be a little different [than APY] because it will have a lot of singable songs and won’t just be art. I realized that the way people listen to music has changed so I need to have catchy, easy to learn songs, but I also want the art so I will mix and blend both.

With that, hearing the name of the album sends a chill of excitement throughout Lipa’s fanbase and all of our fellow Jewish Music fans. The CD will be called Leap of Faith, (Lipa Faith?) and we can’t wait to see what Lipa is bringing!!

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  1. EL says:

    I wish other composers,producers,singers would realize this is what people like.

  2. jacob says:

    yupp we don’t need art. we r not so smart. we need u singing from the heart. songs that I can sing every part.

  3. yanky says:

    I loved more keninehora!!

  4. jacob says:

    There are lots of people on the map. some love lipas tshive n tfile rapp. others love lipas COFFE song. others feel that with the liyloo iliyloo cd they belong. for some ME SHEOOMAR n GELT puts them on a riot. others won’t stop singing DIET DIET. for some the kletzky song is just sad. but they will get dancing with Nisht in shabis gredt.
    for some A poshite yeed will put them to sleep. others that song will make them weep.there are thoose who think Mieimko dlipa is art n clever. others don’t understand why lipa went on such endever. so let’s get it straight. what should he sing on leap of faith. to tell him is is not shayech. cause on tam vraych ien lhisvakaiech.

  5. motty says:

    WOW you got to become a badchen

  6. Shimon says:

    Yes GO JACOB!!

  7. jacob says:

    Thanx Motty guess what I am a badchn and a composer. I still gram in yidish cause that’s the kanguage I speak

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