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I am a huge fan of Ari Goldwag’s and I miss the Jewish Music podcast he used to put out. Known not only for his own musical career but also for starting Sheves Achim as well as Sheves Chaveirim, Ari just doesnt stop! Hopefully he never will. He actually just released a music video for one of the songs on this album so definitely go check it out! Lets start the track-by-track portion of this review.

1. Naya Niggun – As I wrote in my review on the new YBC A Cappela album , a starting song is very important especially for an A Cappela album. It really needs to lead the listener into the album. A poor choice of starting song can make the listener lose interest in the album without even hearing anything else on it. That being said, Ari made a great choice by doing this song. According to the booklet this Niggun will actually be performed on an upcoming album.

2.Mi She’ana – Orignially off of the Sheves Chaverim Album, this is one of those non-typical slow songs that we come across every so often. The members of Sheves Chaverim as well as Ari’s son do a great job on this track .

3. Another track originally off of the Sheves Chaverim album. I love that he keeps the song fun and the different members keep switching between lead and backgroud vocals.

4.Ki Nicham – Very nice song sung by Ari himself. You’ll notice especially during the high part of the song that Ari has amazing control over his voice and a very wide range vocally. I don’t think I’ve ever felt during one of his songs that he was straining in the least. Hold out for the key change towards at the end, it just takes Ari’s voice up and beyond what he starts off the song with.

5.Finally Here – Is this isnt my favorite Goldwag song then it has to be in the top 3. One of the best songs I’ve heard in a while with one of the most subtle but powerful messages.

6.Kah Ribon – The famous Ari Goldwag Shabbos Zemer. Who doesn’t sing this on Shabbos!? If you know someone who isn’t, buy this album for them or convince them to buy it so they can learn it immediately! This song has a spirit of Shabbos in it that you can feel even by listening to it during the week.

7.The Sheves Chaverim hits just keep on coming! If you’re a Goldwag fan you’ll recognize this song in the first few seconds. I like that Ari threw in some new songs but also made the album with many favorites. Anyone who would have wanted to listen to these songs on their original albums now not only has one album where they can all be found, but also has a Kosher way to listen to them during Sefirah .

8.The Artist – I actually consider myself very lucky to personally know the composer of this song. Dovid Klaver composed this gorgeous song, also with an amazing message. Originally featured on the Sheves Achim 2 Album.

9.Kel Adon – You know those times you wake up for Shabbos Shachris and by the time the Shul is up to Kel Adon you still haven’t completely woken up? Well then your Shul should hear this tune. This is a great jumpy tune which works perfectly with the words of Kel Adon.

10.Superman – Originally off the first Sheves Achim Album. Some albums are released with one solid English song, maybe two if we get really lucky. This album is up to its 3rd great English song. I give Ari a lot of credit for going this route. Nowadays I believe it is hard for people not well versed enough in the words of many songs to know what they are talking about. These kind of songs take everyone in that category into consideration

11.Ogil – Off of the first Sheves Achim album this song has made many rounds since then. Very catchy with words that aren’t too complicated either this song has been sung in many camps to date and is still going!

12.Aleinu – This is an A Capella version of Aleinu, the hit song that originally appeared on Ari Goldwag’s album Lishuascha Kivinu. This song stars his son Moshe Dov who seems to have gotten a dose of Ari’s talent.
13.Hashem Loves You – Who doesn’t like this song? I doubt thereare many people who do. Its not too slow, not too fast, and has a good message. This song was actually just released as a music video so make sure you check out the main page at www.JewishMusicReport.com to watch the video!
Overall for any fan of Goldwag (like me) this is a must have! A perfect addition to any A Cappela Music Collection!


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    Hilel thanks for your review. u r multi talanted both in music and in writing

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