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New Yossi Green Project Announced

New Yossi Green Project Announced

General — By on May 18, 2012 5:12 pm

Just announced yesterday on Facebook: Yossi Green and the A-Men.

From Yossi Green’s Facebook wall:

Our new and hopefully innovative project has B”H begun! It is called Yossi Green & the A~Men! Exciting like crazy! First song is Al Hanissim! Second song is Lefichoch! A totally different and fresh approach to Jewish Music which will hopefully begin the next revolution after The 8th NOTE!

Anyone want to venture a guess what this one is gonna be all about or who is involved?  Feel free to comment below.

Facebook comments:


  1. Avrami says:

    it’s a project that yossi green is working with the FREILACH BAND, he mentioned it at his show last year!!!!!!

  2. chaim says:

    its the next marvelous midos machine

    yossi will play dr midos

  3. Avrami says:

    Well I see Chaim that you know whats going on in jewish music!!! So what else can you fill me in please????!!!!!

  4. chaim says:

    :) lol! hmm there will be a vintage mbd concert where he will sing his clasics like samcheim tov lehodos, samcheinu, v`haviyosom, sameach t`samach, siman tov (from double album) etc etc etc
    and he will NOT SING — `kochavim, moshiach moshiachc moshiach, usid, omar r` akiva`!
    he will also sing it in his real mbd voice, with the lion`s roar, not the tame sing along style of the last 5/6 years

    oh well i can only dream though

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