HASC 25: A Time for Celebration Double CD/DVD Available!

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The 25th HASC, A Time for Music concert is now available on Double CD and DVD. This 25th Mazel Tov celebration can now be enjoy by all, those who werent able to be there, and re enjoyed by those who were! For a full recap from our very own Kol Isha click here to read the in depth review of the show. Check out the photos from the concert here.

It’s available through Nigun Music and available to on Double CD/DVD or Download here.


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  1. Nochum says:

    Nigun Music didn’t label the songs, so when importing to iTunes it’s a mess (but for now they’re the only–Kosher– place to download it from).

    I read your concert review, written back in January. Very well done. Since the songs weren’t labeled when downloading from Nigun Music, I labeled them myself while reading your review to properly understand what was taking place.

    Many can be thanked for saving Jewish Music, and HASC is definitely a top the list.

    I just have one bone to pick with them. I can forgive them for not living up the hype each year (particularly after the first 8 concerts), I can forgive them for not having a new theme song like they’ve done so well the first few years, which really placed them on their pedestal, I can forgive them for not releasing a video/DVD each year (poor argument, but according to some, it can reduce ticket sales–can explain later by request), but why did they not release the cassette/CD for concerts 8-14, or 19?

    I give them all the credit in the world for, to some degree, preserving Jewish Music.

    Ironically, today it may be less profitable to release the audio from the concert, for certainly not back in mid to late 90s.

    Either way, I don’t want to seem ungrateful. I am exceptionally appreciative for the great contribution to Jewish Music, and certainly to the Jewish world with their fine work.

    My sister was a camper at cam HASC back in the early 90s so our family went (even though we couldn’t afford) as away to contribute to the organization (i think they even gave up a break on the tickets).

    I was privaliged to have been at A Time For Music parts 5, 6, 7, 8, 11, 12, 14, and 15. If I were able to make the trip to NY I would still attend.

    You noted in your review that other organization are throwing benefit concerts are giving hasc a run for their money, but I see that. Ohel since they’ve began theirs back in 1997 has done very few, and one became monumental because there were no other quality jewish concerts videos at the time. But hasc for 14 was equally great to Ohel 2. In addition, no one has come close to Hasc in terms of quality, sustainability, professionalism or chashivus.

    I worked for Chai Lifeline and always wondered why they didn’t throw a benefit concert. They cause is obviouly worthy enough to interest a crowd. It takes a tremendous about to get it done.

  2. steve says:

    why isn’t dovid gabay on the album – he was at the concert?

  3. EL says:

    Why didn’t they put in the cd dovid gabey

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