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By: Sandy Eller

In a futuristic take on his hit song Hang Up The Phone from his blockbuster album Leap of Faith, superstar Lipa Schmeltzer teams up with renowned producer and director Danny Finkelman to tackle our generation’s ever growing infatuation with gadgets head on, in a music video that is equal parts science fiction and practical advice for today’s technologically obsessed society.

In an almost other worldly dream, Lipa becomes one of a group of newly delivered high tech robots that come to life after hours at the Boro Park branch of the The Buzz, an electronics, appliance and housewares superstore. The robots’ fascination with electronics is evident as they test out gadgets, both large and small, and dance their way through the store.

“If we continue to let our addiction to technology run our lives, we become more like robots than like human beings,” explained Lipa. “People are so consumed by their gadgets that they are completely tuned out to their surroundings and are missing out on so much of life. We need to take control of our lives and make a conscious effort to connect with the people around us, by hanging up the phone and taking time off from all of our gadgets.”

Hang Up The Phone is an original Lipa composition and the sixth track on the newly released Leap of Faith album, with hard hitting lyrics in both English and Yiddish, written by Lipa.

“While we chose to deliver the message with humor, there is no question that the subject matter is both serious and very timely,” said Finkelman.

At just over six minutes long, the video offers a light hearted look at what we become when we spend more time interacting with our electronics than with our families and the people around us. A SparksNext Production, Finkelman and cinematographer Mauricio Arenas breathe life into Hang Up The Phone, creating a presentation that will inspire viewers to strike the necessary balance, enabling them to take advantage of today’s technology in a responsible manner.




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  1. SPLASHNEWS says:

    This is without a doubt the most professional and most original music video that the Jewish music world has seen. Lipa is always one step ahead of everyone else. Very impressed.

  2. JtopBlogger says:

    Oh, cool! Your same is mentioned in the credits! This, Cry No Mire and Halaila have gotta be the best music videos of the year!

  3. @musicdrinker says:

    Its intresting its nice but somehow I can’t see this video more then 1 time. I remember looking over n over the ADAR video, I’m not sure lipa was looking for a jewish audiance on this music video

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