Shades of Green III: Hartzig With Shloime Daskal

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Yochi Briskman presents, Hartzig with Shloime Daskal. This is the third volume of Shades of Green, following Shades of Green I, Hipsh and now this album. Featuring Yossi Green’s greatest hits, accompanied by the Shira Choir. That’s right all of the latest hits plus some golden oldies, in only the way that this dynamic duo can. The album should be in stores at the end of the week.


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  1. shloimo says:

    so, its’ not Yossi Green official album?

  2. Moe says:

    I’m really looking forward to this. When can we expect the audio sampler and the download?

    Thanks, Moe

  3. Schmoiger says:

    There is an audio sampler at
    It is obviously a Yossi Green product – you can hear his vocals all throughout the album.

  4. Boki says:

    Make up your minds guys: Is it called Hartzig or is it called Shades of Green? Is it Shloimy Daskal “accompanied by the Shira Choir” or is it Yossi Green singing his own compostions?!! This is clearly a stunt by Yochi Briskman who must have been feeling left out after Daskal left him to make his own wedding album with Ari Teitelbaum to make some chiddush out of – another – Daskal collection album instead of just calling it Project Relax 3. But this has nothing to do with the standard Shades of Green series for a number of reasons. Firstly the main kuntz of Shades of Green is Yossi Greens OWN vocals to his OWN compositions (on the first it was an actual choir, on Hipsh it was him overdubbed but it was all made to sound like Yossi Green) and NO GUEST ARTIST WHATSOEVER. THat defeats the whole tachlis of Shades of Green which, as Green once said himself, is to show the composer’s own perspective with nothing from the outside. And what is the Shira Choir doing here if Yossi Green is anyway doing the vocals. The feature of the album is being shifted away to Shloimy Daskal (who has never had a single of his own songs composed by Yossi Green) anyway, so why steal Yossi Green’s name, songs, and vocals??? Secondly, the Shades of Green albums were set up in sets of 2 songs each with a common musical theme and style running through both with the music playing a big part in that, which is precisely why they were arranged by Yisroel Lamm. This album seems to be a few medleys of 5 slow songs each, probably arranged by Yanky Briskman – so it’s a regular Project Reax album NOT shades of Green!!!! One big strop they made – Dedi’s song “Neshomo” which is featured here was already on Shades of Green 1!!!! Whats going on?!?!?! It’s also a shame that the young generation will now only know some of Green’s best ever songs from the likes of Shloimy Daskal (who I absolutely can’t stand – he’s got nothing much to offer with his own songs and I dont like to hear him doing other peoples – he just screeches and cries and thinks hes the best singer on earth) rather than hearing such great oldies like “Chaverim” from MBD or “Kadeish” from Fried which can’t be unmatched in the way they sang it. So Mr Briskman – please don’t make a cholent of an album which were not sure who the artist is, what its called, who the choir is and mostly, what the purpose of this pointless stunt is other than to give you some publicity.

  5. @MusicDrinker says:

    hey take a drink. this is a gr8 album. and yossi worked with yoiche together on this project. wow u can’t stand Shloimes voice but yossi green’s u can , intresting? I enjoyed this cd and I don’t care about yosi greens vision to hear his way of singing, I wish shade of green 1 n 2 wouldve had a singer on it, it has gr8 music but green is not a singer he can do vocals for the choir

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