Coming Soon: Shauly Waldner – Tov Hashem!

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By: Sandy Eller

Shauly Waldner.

His name is almost as familiar as his golden voice, which has been gracing bandstands at simchos worldwide over the past five years. From Europe to California, from Toronto to Texas, audiences everywhere have been clamoring for more and at long last, more is exactly what music lovers will be getting with the release of Shauly’s debut album, Tov Hashem, yet another rung on the ladder of what is sure to be an illustrious career.

Featuring twelve songs that Shauly hopes will appeal to a diverse crowd, Tov Hashem is a carefully compiled collection of talent whose credits are long and impressive. Compositions by Yitzy Waldner, Pinky Weber, Dovid Klein, Motti Ilowitz, Lipa Schmelzer and Ruli Ezrachi, are polished to perfection with arrangements by Naftali Schnitzler, Moshe Laufer and Ruli Ezrachi and enhanced with choirs by Moishe Krauss, Nafatli Schnitzler, Moishe Roth and Shloime Kaufman.

The songs run the gamut, from the warmth of Elokai, a stunner of a song by Pinky Weber, to the pumping techno of the title track, composed by Lipa Schmeltzer. The emotional What Will Be, appearing also in Yiddish as Vos Vet Zayn, was especially moving for Shauly, who wanted to include a meaningful song that would resonate with Jews all across the religious spectrum and be a source of inspiration during difficult times.

Tov Hashem is produced by Naftali Schnitzler and is being distributed by Aderet Music.


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  1. A Fan from LA says:

    I just can’t stop listening to the preview. I’ve heard Shauly sing many times in the last 5 years or so. (in LA) Shauly’s got a beautiful thick, rich, and pure voice. A definite replacement for Reb Mordche. Shauly is not the King of Jewish Music, but he has an amazing future career ahead, now that MBD retired. BTW– he is a brother of multi talented composer/vocalist Yitzi Waldner… one of the greatest Frum composers the Jewish world has seen in the last decade. And last but not least the unbelievable Producer (produced CD’s for Lipa, Beri Weber, Yoely Greenfeld, Michoel Schnitzler, Yumi Lowy and most recently Yoel Weiss[…from LA] as well as other projects)the one and only extremely talented Naftuli Schnitzler. These three have made a great impact on the Jewish music scene. Hatzlocha Rabbah to all of them!!!
    Just from the preview I already love Siman Tov (music video on the way) and the Title Track… Tov Hashem which sounds like the beat of Chabadsker Niggun from Beri Webber and Kevodo by Lipa)
    and a couple of the slow songs sound a little like Yeedle style songs.
    (This was not a paid advertisment)

  2. periwald says:

    I just listened to the songs that are going to be on the new Shauly CD. they are stunning, warm, moving, hartzig. Shauly’s voice is beautiful. He conveys meaning with every song he sings. I have heard him at weddings and now I will be able to hear him whenever I please. I wont have to wait anymore. Wow! Every song is a winner. Cant wait to hear all the songs completely. Not just small bits. Hatzlacha. Go Shauly! You are the New King Of Jewish Music!!

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