NEW SONG: Micha Gamerman and Ohad: Gila Rina!

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New song from Ohad and Micha Gamerman. The new song, Gila Runa composed by Christian Schneider with words by Micha and Chaim Shloma Mais. Arranged by Eli Cohen and Itzi Bree. What do you think of this new track? Let us know!

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  1. Gobbie Cohn says:

    This is the gummy bear song.

  2. LeZ says:

    Of all songs in the world to do a cover of, did they really need to choose Gummy Bear!!

  3. Amrom says:

    Yalili #2!

  4. Amrom says:

    Yallili #2!!

  5. Rachel says:

    I’d like to know how i can download the song
    NEW SONG: Micha Gamerman and Ohad: Gila Rina!.
    Please respond ASAP!

  6. I Say: says:

    Hi why does everyone have to say something negative about the song if you dont like it let other people enjoy it this song is tops whats the difference what song it originally came from it sounds jewish now so just enjoy

  7. Muser says:

    I agree with I Say! No reason to be negative. And I just checked Wiki to see what the Gummy Bear Song was, and really, it’s just a promo for a candy! Quite an innocent song to cover.

  8. yoluvr says:

    i thnk tht this is a rlly cool song, and i want 2 knw how 2 download it, anyone knw????
    plz answer ASAP thnx:)

  9. shukil says:

    I love this song how can i download it
    it sounds like a song i know called gummy bear its so cute

  10. Shlomo Berkowitz says:

    The most amazing song ever!!!! A true Kiddush Hashem!!!!

  11. Yammo says:

    BTW, the co-arranger is Yitzy Berry, not “Itzi Bree”

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