HASC 26: Mordechai Ben David & Avraham Fried

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The HASC Summer Program Presents, A Time for Music 26! Featuring for the first time since HASC 17, Mordechai Ben David! If that isn’t enough, MBD will be paired with Avraham Fried! A concert lineup that we have not seen in many years.

With both MBD and Fried still pumping out huge hits, this is going to be a really special event! Also for the first time HASC will feature music band the Freilach Band! Also accompanying MBD and FRIED will be The Shira Choir.

HASC will take place on January 13th, 2012, at Avery Fisher Hall in Lincoln Center. The HASC concert website will be updated shortly with more info.

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  1. jojo fried says:

    hasc concert without MBD is not hasc

  2. fan of mbd says:

    please mbd sing the REAL classics like your sameach from hasc 3, or any of your heartful songs from the 80s and 90s, give us something we havent heard in ages!


  3. duvy says:

    i second that, sing the songs off your jerusalem is not for sale album, for the love of G-D do not sing the usual songs that you sing at every chasana or event, give us something fresh we have not heard for a long time

  4. jeff says:

    who else besides MBD and Fried?
    Can we please get Abie?

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