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Yes, this is my 2nd post in a week. Pretty crazy. This time around I wanted to do something similar to an article i had written a while back. In one of my past posts I pretty much asked everyone who their favorite singer was. I then compiled a list of the names that aren’t heard as much as some of the typical singers you may hear in the Jewish Music World. This time I want to focus on albums. What album blows you away? What album can you listen to on repeat and it won’t drive you crazy? I’ll start the list and then I’ll make a final list based on the comments we get. Maybe you’ll end up finding a new favorite album through this list.


1)Albums can be old, new, out of print, only available online, etc.

2)NO BASHING! :) A few comments were vetoed on the last post for this reason

3)If you can, try to put into words why you enjoy the album so much

Looking forward to hearing your answers!

I’ll start the list:

1)Aish 2 – I think this is one of the best albums I’ve ever heard.EVER. I don’t know if I can fully explain why but I’m a HUGE Abie Rotenberg fan so I’m sure that has something to do with it. I also love most of the songs on the album.

2)Yoni Stern – I think that the simplicity in this album is what makes it so great. They didn’t have to go out and spend a ridiculous ammount of money in order to make a great album. I’m a fan of Yoni’s voice as well since he is a “child soloist” but his voice is not as shrill as some others tend to be.



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  1. Yaakov says:

    Yisroel Werdyger’s Bayis Ne’eman

  2. mussic says:

    the recent album from Yoel Weiss esa einai 4sure

  3. adam shasha says:

    difficult question

    possibly say asay (gertner), kulam ahuvim (MBD) and ta’amu (benny friedman)

  4. HillelKAPS says:

    @Yaakov & Mussic – Thanks for your input

    @Adam Sasha – you are correct, it is VERY difficult to answer this question for many people. I took a long time to make my decision.

  5. I love music says:

    Benny friedmans yesh tikvah! I totally love this album! All the songs are amazing and there are so many different styles!

  6. music guy says:

    bshetzef from avromi flam, fantastic cd. Obviously sameach from mendy wald (might be one of the best cd’s ever, every song is great)

  7. HillelKAPS says:

    @I love Music – Thanks for your comment!

    @Music Guy – Good calls, and I like that you dug a bit to think up both of those, solid albums

  8. larry says:

    Moshiach & Let my people go from MBD

  9. Layalah says:

    Miami Yavoh. Solid Album. Great Songs, Voices ,Harmony…

  10. avrami says:

    First of all i got to agree with you that ABIE ROTENBERGS CD’s AISH both volumes are on the top of my list, those are fantastic cd’s, and let’s not forget his LEV V’NEFESH VOLUME ONE, that has great stuff.
    Now the one singer that all my life inspired, and thrilled me, is the one and only the king of jewish music AVRAHAM FRIED, all of his cd’s are my number 1 favorites, but the top of my list is obviously 1.chazak, 2.we are ready….. and all his oldies, but his latest one KEEP CLIMBING that is what i call a masterpeice every song is fantastic. And his voice…………… you know!!!
    MBD has the DOUBLE ALBUM one of my old time favorite!!
    SHWEKEY has a album called LIBI BAMIZRACH for some reason that my favorite from shwekey.
    SHLOMO SIMCHA has a album called TEHILIM that was a fantastic cd.
    there were 2 cd’s that YOSSI GREEN produced and composed all the songs and did vocals on it, one was with DUDU FISHER the cd is called L”TAV U’LCHAYIN V’LISHLOM it came out in 1997 that was a peice of art, the second one was with AVRUMI FLAM the cd was called HADRAN wow wow wow is all i can say(both of them).
    and of course his 8TH NOTE!!!!!!!
    there was a cd that came out a few years ago called HARIE YEHUDAH from YEHUDAH GILDEN from Toronto he composed all the songs arranged by yisroel lamm, it had a bumch of singers like avraham fried, yaakov shwekey, dovid gabay, lev tahor, piamenta, rivi schwebel, abie rotenberg, shlomo simcha, yaakov young, shloime dachs, baruch levine…. they were all new song, great stuff, it didnt pick up so could and i really dont know why, i recommend everybody to go out and get it!!!
    i think i wrote enough for now!!!!

  11. Layalah says:

    F’got to mention Sheves Achim 1..

  12. shmili says:

    Avraham Fried Hofacto #1
    yaakov shwekey lo avod #2
    Yisroel Werdyger Odeh Lokeil #3
    benny friedman. Yesh Tikvah #4
    m.b.d necsfo #5

  13. Moishe Says: says:

    Shloime Gertner – Vehiskin

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