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A Jewish Star Reality Series – AUDITIONS: Episode 1

A Jewish Star Reality Series – AUDITIONS: Episode 1

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A JEWISH STAR reality series: Auditions: Episode 1 – With judges: Lipa Schmeltzer, Yehudah Solomon, Yeedle Werdyger.
Hosted by MODI

Produced and Directed by: Danny Finkelman, Executive producers: Yossi Soffer and Mica Soffer, AJS Chairman: Chezky Kaufteil, Director of photography: Sean Sinderbrand, Editor: Michael Puro, Music supervisor: Ruli Ezrachi, Art Director: Mauricio Arenas, Technical producer: Tzvi Waldman, Associate producer: Yonit Tenenbaum, Assistant director: Bentzi Plotkin, Assistant editors: Daphne Yeager Ostendorf, Bianca Zanini

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  1. Sruly says:

    Judges yossi green, avraham fried and third one which I don’t remember at the moment was much much better (so were the singers). In short, the point is not everyone to agree on one answer, and if you are going to, then explain yourself in a different way…

    Off topic here but Please write a review on yeedle’s latest album cause its truly magnificent, full of creativty and crystal clear sound, like you can expect from Yeedle. A true master piece! (Yeedle is an example – my opinion – of not the “greatest” voice, yet sings well and Hartzig!)

  2. Yair says:

    @surly there where 4 they were: avraham freid, Yossi green, mendy pellen, and eli gerstner. by the way does anyone know when the fanalie concert will be this year?

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