Kinderlach & Ohad: The Pirchei Medley

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The Kinderlach are set to release their third all new album, but first here is a sneak peek of the Kinderlach and guest star Ohad singing these famous Pirchei songs!

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  1. Just a fan says:

    Very cool- do we know when it’s coming out?
    I love the concept of kids and adults singing together, not just child soloists
    This is a great idea. On that note id love a shalsheles/shal jr colab like we had on the hasc album

  2. AB says:

    Where is that Ashira Lashem B’chayai from?

  3. SPLASHNEWS says:

    -The CD should arrive within the next 2 months.
    -Ashira is one of the most famous songs by the London Boys Choir.

  4. leah says:

    I think it’s from Pirchei London ( London School of Jewish Song)

  5. Just a fan says:

    Thanks splashnews I will be looking out for it!

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