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Welcome back Mendy Wald!!


Six and a half years since his last album, Mendy Wald is back in the studio and the release of his new single B’tach is sure to leave Wald fans smiling.


A fun composition by Yitzy Waldner that uses the word “B’tach” as a launching pad to other p’sukim containing the same shoresh, B’tach features the talents of Shloime Kaufman (producer, choirs) and Ruli Ezrahi (producer).  A great song, a timely upbeat message, a prelude to Wald’s upcoming album and best of all, a free single.  Who could ask for more?


To download B’tach go to

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  1. mendy wald fan says:

    wow! great news
    did anyone hear wald with his duet with williger at last years hasc, the guy still has a wonderful voice.

    only problem is the material he`s given… i mean out of all wald`s albums i think people only know 2 or 3 of his songs off hand.. and i would only say i like about 6 of his songs.

    i feel if he is given better material and better songs to sing, this could be a hit.

    i hope wald gets a run at the top, it would be awesome to hear him singing sameach at hasc

  2. Wald Fan says:

    king of the 90’s! Love his music!

  3. raphael says:

    I always thought he has the nicest most listenable voice out there.

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