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HASC 26 Double CD and DVD Audio Preview

HASC 26 Double CD and DVD Audio Preview

Audio Samplers, Concerts, General, Music, New Releases, News — By on June 7, 2013 11:25 am

HASC 26 featured the long awaited return of MBD back to the HASC stage. Even better for concert audiences was that he was joined by Avraham Fried. The two giants in Jewish Music brought down the house in what is still being talked about as the best concert in recent years.

Both MBD and Fried sang classic songs and of course some of their biggest most recent hits. They also sang together as well as a beautiful set with HASC legend Abie Rotenberg.
The show opened with an incredible live performance and video dedicated to Hurricane Sandy sung by Michoel Pruzansky. The show closed out with Avremel and MBD inviting Yeedle and Benny Friedman on stage for a family medley that included recent hits and of course the live concert debut of Benny Friedman’s new smash hit Yesh Tikvah, sung by all four on stage together.
Be sure to grab this incredible Double CD and DVD, it’s a show you will enjoy over and over again! The concert was produced by Suki & Ding Productions and is available through Zindel Bermans. It’s also available online for audio download
(Download audio sampler here)

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  1. Yanki says:

    Hey people, go buy it. It’s worth it every penny; the video that is. Too bad they had to cut parts out of the concert to keep the DVD a little over 2 hours long. But every minute that IS on there is a gem.

  2. moishe s. says:

    Loved the concert but two issues i have with it

    I saw the strings (a big missing part of hasc concert for many years) play about 4 times in the entire 2 hours. Why are they there if they arent going to be playing. In fact the last 3 songs they werent used at all. Very dissapointing!

    Secondly mbd`s mic was lowered signinficantly, and his voice didnt sound powerful at all, i have seen amatuer videos of the hasc concert this year and his voice was far louder and powerful than the quiet toned down sound we hear on the dvd.

    Good notes is i loved it from the artwork to the songs to the performers, this year was superb.

    Hope it continues like this but please… whoever writes the music include the strings more

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