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Yossi Green recording vocals for the upcoming “Briderlach” album at MK Studios. Do you know what “Briderlach” is part of? Guess in the comments!

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  1. chaim says:

    kinderlach means children

    brider.. brothers

    so something about being brothers?

  2. Amrom says:

    I know that Shimmy Engle is coming out with a debut album pretty soon.
    So it that the one?
    By the way Yossi Green is coming out soon with Shades of Green Volume 4
    But its named Varimkeit.

  3. Ari says:

    Lipa’s next album?

  4. LA music guy says:

    The Freilach band or as Yossi refers to the A men and probably a choir such as mezamrim or Shira. Can’t wait

  5. menachem says:

    this Breiderlach album is a new kids choir cd coming out produced by Naftali Schnitzler all songs composed by Yossi green

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