Coming Soon!!! New Album from Yaakov Shwekey: Cover released

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Dear Friends,

It’s east to notice the difficulties. Cry about the tragedies. Ponder the uncertain future.

But … the miracles are everywhere. If we’ve failed to see them perhaps we’re distracted by the relentless challenges we face. Maybe we’ve just forgotten, we are one. Every time they try to wipe us out, we rise again, reaching even higher.

How can one describe any Jew, anywhere in the world today, anything but a miracle?

My dear mother was born in a DP camp, to an amazingly strong woman who against all odds survived the brutal attempt of her death. One, among millions!

So look around and recognize the Nissim all of them. All then together we will witness the next big one!

Because, We are a miracle!

– Yaakov


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  1. Shmeel says:

    It’s being released on Thurday 10 March/Rosh Chodesh Adar Bet in the US. Perhaps a day earlier in Israel.
    Very reliable source

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