Amiran Dvir & Kobi Brumer Shushbinav Shel Ha’Chatan

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Now that we are back in the beginning of the summer wedding season, Amiran Dvir is releasing a new single for the dance floor. This time, he is joined by Chareidi “Golden Boy” Koby Bromer for a duet called Shushbinav Shel Ha’Chatan. The lyrics and composition were both written by Amiran, influenced by the teachings of R’ Yehuda Ha’Levi, and produced by Sruly Brochner. Amiran is about to kick off a concert tour in South Africa. He said, “The words of R’ Yehuda Ha’Levi grabbed me very strongly, because this is exactly what I feel at every wedding, I do y best to project simcha and energy to the crowd who is there to enliven the wedding. This energy passes on to the Chosson, gets stronger, and moves to those dancing, who send it right back to me to complete the circle.”

בואו וראו הוד חתן שושביניו סביבו
ושמחו ביום חתונתו וביום שמחת לבו
הוד שושביניו מאירים את החתן
שמאיר את הרוקדים סביבו
הוד שושביניו מאירים את החתן
שמאיר את הרוקדים סביבו

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