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NYBC Chanukah Concert

NYBC Chanukah Concert

                  Get ready for the Chanukah concert to end all Chanukah concerts, featuring the New  York Boys Choir, taking place at 8:30 PM this Motzei Shabbos, December 31st at the YIWB Sha’ar Hashomayim of Bayswater.  The ever popular NYBC will be performing their all new Chanukah song, [&hellip

[Video] – David Taub: Yevanim

Fresh from Israel comes David Taub’s Yevanim, a Viznitzer take on the well known words from Maoz Tzur.  Chanukah is laden with music in the Viznitzer world, with more than ten beautiful musical piece set to different mizmorim that are sung on Chanukah

[Video] NYBC – Light Up

All new for Chanukah from NYBC, under the direction of Yitzy Bald,  “Light Up!” In this music video/audio track, NYBC looks for a creative way to spread the Light of Chanukah, despite the darkness, that many times, seems to exist in people’s lives. Conceptualized by Yitzy Bald, produced by Doni Gross and filmed and directed [&hellip

[Video} Micha Gamerman – Bezochrenu Et Zion

[Video} Micha Gamerman –  Bezochrenu Et Zion

[Video} Micha Gamerman –  Bezochrenu Et Zion We live in an age of technology, an age where it’s sometimes hard to remember that we are in golus. There are so many good things around us that are easily attainable. This amazing cinematographic experience created to Micha Gamerman’s song, Bezochrenu Et Zion, is about remembering who [&hellip

Mincha by Shloime Gertner

Mincha by Shloime Gertner

                  British singer Shloime Gertner recently released his sixth album produced by Gershi Moskowitz, and masterfully arranged by the mega talented Mona Rosenblum. After taking a few years off of studio work, Mona and Gertner dived back into it and produced one amazingly full and vibrant album. [&hellip

[Video] V’Hinei: Ft. Freilach, Shloime Daskal, Yanky Daskal, Shira Choir

All new from Freilach, featuring Shloime and Yanky Daskal and the Shira Choir, V’Hinei, composed by Rabbi Asher Yeshaya Rosenbaum.  Filmed live at the Rockleigh Country Club, 11/12/16     &nbsp

[Video] Jews2: Machnisei Rachamim

In time for Aseres Yemei Teshuva, Machnisei Rachamim like you have never heard it before, featuring Roy Edri.     &nbsp

Yitzchak Meir: Drosh Na Dorshecha

Yitzchak Meir: Drosh Na Dorshecha

                All new from Israeli singer Yitzchak Meir just in time for Selichos, Drosh Na Dorshecha, an original composition. &nbsp

Motty Goldman: Lekabel Shavim

Motty Goldman:  Lekabel Shavim

                  All new from Israeli singer Motty Goldman, just in time for the yomim noraim, Lekabel Shavim.  Composed by R’ Shiya (Matis) Brim, a composer of the Boyaner Rebbe and arranged and orchestrated by David Taub, Lekabel Shavim shows an a heartfelt soulful side of Goldman, who [&hellip

NYBC Choir Tryouts- This Sunday!

NYBC Choir Tryouts- This Sunday!

Have a son age 6 to 14 who loves to sing? Tryouts for New York Boys Choir for the upcoming 2016-2017 choir season will be held on Sunday, September 18th. 1:50 PM – 3:30 PM The Mercaz Center 1739 Ocean Ave Brooklyn NY 11230 Visit NYBC at and on Facebook New York Boys Choir artist page.   For more information contact [&hellip

Raphael Ben: Derech Bahaim

Hot off the heels of his debut single Peninim, Raphael Ben is back with a new song new song, titled “Derech Bahaim,” (Way of Life) in which a father tells his son that life’s difficulties will ultimately lead him to success.  Composed and arranged by Didier Atlan and written and produced by Ari Gotthelf, Derech Bahaim has [&hellip

Next Generation Sings: Yehuda! with sons Daniel! and Jakey!

Check out gorgeous duets by Yehuda!, singing the Star Spangled Banner and Hatikvah with his sons

Yom Yerushalayim Video – Gad Elbaz Beshearaich ft. Meron Wiliams

Yom Yerushalayim Video – Gad Elbaz Beshearaich ft. Meron Wiliams

              In a stunning video that includes sweeping footage of the Old City of Jerusalem and the surrounding areas, Israeli superstar Gad Elbaz is the voice of the Jewish people, expressing a longing for the day when Jerusalem will no longer be divided but will be a single united [&hellip