Articles By: Kol Isha

[Video] NYBC – Chanukah + Free Song Download!

They’re baaaaaack!   Yup, Yitzy Bald’s NYBC is getting everyone in the Chanukah mood with a fun filled music video to get everyone in the holiday mood.  Directed by Doni Gross and filmed by Shia Fried, Chanukah is an upbeat reminder that despite the darkness, there is always reason to celebrate.   Download here for [&hellip

[Video] Alef Bais – Shirei Pinchas Volume III

[Video] Alef Bais – Shirei Pinchas Volume III

                      While he may be in his seventies, composer Pinchas Wolf doesn’t show any signs of slowing down, knocking out his third album in just 18 months, quite an impressive feat.   Contributing their voices to this latest project are veterans Shlomo Simcha, Dovid Gabay, [&hellip

Tzvi Silberstein – Yaaleh – In Stores Now!

Tzvi Silberstein – Yaaleh – In Stores Now!

                  He made a splash with his recent hit single Todah and now, Tzvi Silberstein is ready to take on the Jewish music scene again with an all new album titled Yaaleh.   Featuring 13 new tracks, Yaaleh was produced by Yitzy Waldner and Doni Gross and [&hellip

NYBC Tryouts This Sunday!

NYBC Tryouts This Sunday!

                  Give your son, ages 6 to 14, the gift of music with the opportunity to audition for the hugely popular New York Boys Choir.  If selected your son will join NYBC as they work on new songs, new albums,  new dance routines and new videos and [&hellip

[Video] Chananya Begun Introduces Young Talent Initiative with Yehuda Litke & Moshe Lang

All new from Chananya Begun:  the Young Talent Initiative, a musical training and production platform for talented and creative frum, young men, ages 16 to 21.  According to The Lakewood Scoop, the program’s enrollment is currently at 17, giving these gifted individuals the opportunity to express their creativity in a healthy, positive and professional way, an [&hellip

[Video] Yeshiva Boys Choir: Tov

Enjoy Tov, an all new single from Eli Gerstner’s Yeshiva Boys Choir

Ohad and Yossi Zweig in Carpool KaraOYke

Join Radio host, MC and music maven Yossi Zweig as he drives around with superstar Ohad! Moskowitz discussing his career of over 16 years. Find out how many languages Ohad! Really speaks, what he thinks of Israeli bands vs American bands, some fun stories about singing with Avraham Fried and of course some singing. Sponsored [&hellip

NYBC: Menagen Audio Sampler

NYBC:  Menagen Audio Sampler

                                              Ready for an all new album from Yitzy Bald’s New York Boys Choir? Fasten your seat belts and enjoy this taste of Menagen, available in stores on online now with sixteen, yup [&hellip

[Video] A-Team with Moshe Tischler: Ani L’Dodi by Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz

Remember the name Moshe Tischler, because you are going to be hearing it a lot, along with the always amazing A-Team Orchestra.   &nbsp

Introducing Zevi Weinstock – Shir Shel Shevach

Introducing Zevi Weinstock  – Shir Shel Shevach

                    Get ready for an all new original composition, a debut single from Zevi Weinstock called Shir Shel Shevach, produced by Doni Gross and Ari Cukier of Lev Tahor.   Weinstock composed Shir Shel Shevach in memory of his father, a well known personality in the [&hellip

Uri Davidi’s Debut Album – Audio Sampler

Uri Davidi’s Debut Album – Audio Sampler

                      Get ready to roll with Uri Davidi, whose very first album will be hitting store shelves (both virtual and brick and mortar) on Thursday, September 14th.  Davidi,who has quickly become one of today’s hottest wedding singers, displays his versatility and his talent in this [&hellip

[Video] Rescue Me – Heshy Rubin

[Video] Rescue Me – Heshy Rubin

                      Known for his on the money lyrics and vocals that touch the heart, Heshy Rubin, of Do the Daf fame, is back with a timely single titled Rescue Me.  Addressing the difficulties that seem to be almost everywhere, Rescue Me offers an uplifting an [&hellip

[Video] Amram Adar: Rabbi Nachman

[Video] Amram Adar:  Rabbi Nachman

            After making his mark on YouTube with the popular Halaila, Israeli singer Amram Adar is back again, this time with Rabbi Nachman, an upbeat Middle Eastern song from his upcoming second album.   With an infectious electronic dance arrangement, Rabbi Nachman features the talents of composer and lyricist Itzik [&hellip